Hey Guys! Wishing you and your family a blessed Eid!

I will like to also appreciate those who pre-ordered my “How to Earn Passive Income on Binance P2P course“. You’re the real deal and the reason why we keep striving hard to get better and educate Nigerians financially.

Here is a link to order the course if you’re yet to enroll: http://bit.ly/passiveCashBinanceP2P

Wishing you happy learning and making money experience.

Here is your EID Gift: Free BCH Paper Wallet with $5 each

Below are 5 Bitcoin Cash Paper Wallets with an average of $5 each. To sweep/take the funds:

  1. Download the Bitcoin.com crypto wallet( can hold Bitcoin Cash & Bitcoin).
  2. Import the paper wallet by copying & pasting the private key or scanning its QR code
  3. Send the fund out to another Bitcoin cash wallet(It can be on the same app or on another mobile wallet like Trust wallet or Coinomi)
  4. You can also send the Bitcoin Cash to your Binance or LUNO account to convert it to Naira.
  5. Don’t load all. Allow others to redeem as well.

Note: You can click on each paper wallet’s image to download its PDF file. That way, it will be much easier to copy its private key.

Now let the challenge begin. You need to be as fast as possible, otherwise, someone else gets the funds.

Bitcoin Cash Paper Wallet 1


Download the PDF


Bitcoin Cash Paper Wallet 2

Download the PDF

Bitcoin Cash Paper Wallet 3


Download the PDF

Bitcoin Cash Paper Wallet 4

BCH Paper wallet 4

Download the PDF

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Bitcoin Cash Paper Wallet 5

BCH Paper wallet 5

Download the PDF

If you were able to take any of these funds, please comment below👇.

Wishing you a blessed Eid from all of us at 9jacashflow.com