Example Of Online Businesses You Can Start

“Be ready to lose money, or have you ever seen a winner who have never lost, a rich man who have never lost money.”

I decide to write this post because of the increase in demand for genuine/relevant information on starting and online business. Before we proceed am sure you know the meaning and other things about online business, if not click here to learn more about online business.

Online business model are the various forms of established Online business that you can start, almost immediately and start generating cash. Although it might not be easy at first, the most important thing is your interest, if you can develop a strong interest towards any of the model, it is indubitable you will succeed in the long term.

Some models are easier and reliable than others, but the entire model has the tendency of generating millions of naira into your account, if you are persistent to constant improvement. Some are cheap while some are expensive to start, but I will advise you to choose a simpler and cheaper model first, then after succeeding in it, you can then choose another.

The Various Online Business Model Are Explained Below

  1. Sport betting: I decided to start with this because it follows a direct proportion and its easier to establish. Its also a lot easier to make money from this business if you are fully devoted to learn more about sport, betting, taking calculated risk and most importantly discipline. If you can master this four golden nugget, I bet you, you will be generating cool cash. Don’t ever believe there is a 100% or sure bet game, only fools believe it, in betting nothing is certain. It’s all about risk (that’s where the money comes from). Instead of believing there is a 100% sure game why not learn how to master risk. Click here to learn more about sport betting====> https://9jacashflow.com/introduction-to-sport-betting/
  2. Online marketing: This a type of online business that deals with selling of information products informs of eBooks,video, audio materials and other educative course kits. To make stable income from this business, you need to ensure you are selling an hot selling product. Click here to learn more about Online marketing ====> https://9jacashflow.com/introduction-online-marketing/
  3. Mobile marketing: Mobile marketing is a form or platform of advertising that is based on mobile phones or telephone numbers to be precise. You simply send a text message to the phone number of your customers or to phone numbers of people in a particular area, informing them of your product or services/opportunity you will render. In return the people you messaged, will open the text message within 5 minutes of receiving the text message, and if they are interested in your opportunity/product/services, they will find a way of contacting you, then you provide the service/product and collect your money. ====> https://9jacashflow.com/introduction-to-mobile-marketing-biz/
  4. Bulk-sms business: This business is divided into 3 major part, that is the
  5. Fiverr and other freelancing: Making money on fiverr is as easy as making money doing other online business; so far you provide a service or sell products that people want. If I tell you anything outside providing real services and selling genuine products, I will only be wasting your time, giving you a short term solution to a long term problem. We always try our best on this website to provide relevant and genuine information to aid you in making money and not shortcuts or backdoor method. ====>https://9jacashflow.com/how-to-make-money-on-fiverr-and-other-freelancing-websites/
  6. Making money through adnetworks: What are adnetworks? Adnetworks are online advertising platform/networks, where advertisers and publishers meet and communicate directly or indirectly. ====>https://9jacashflow.com/how-to-make-money-on-your-website-through-adnetwork/
  7. Making money doing advertising services: To advertise your product or service online, your main aim and motive is to make your products and services noticeable to the people, this people are called traffic. There are various method of getting traffic to your products or services, but I personally prefers the paid advert method to the free advert method, because its reliable and direct(that is, advert made through this method are targeted) https://9jacashflow.com/how-to-advertise-your-products-and-services-online/
  8.  Importation business: Importation Platform: These are the various trusted websites, where you can import goods at dead cheap price and resell at a larger price. The most reliable shopping portals, which I use personally and always are: https://9jacashflow.com/starting-a-profitable-import-business-in-nigeria/
  9.  Web designing service: Firstly I will like to define what an attractive website is? An attractive website is a simple but responsive website, what do I mean by responsive? I mean having a good shape on all major browsing devices such as; ipad, iphone, tablet, laptop, blackberry etc. below is a look of how a responsive site should look like. https://9jacashflow.com/create-simple-attractive-website/
  10. eCommerce solution: An ecommerce is basically for selling, and since we are in the 21st century (internet/information age), this websites can increase the yield & productivity by 80%, because nearly ¾ of all humans has a phone that is connected to the internet. https://9jacashflow.com/design-ecommerce-site/
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