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8 Books That Teach You To Be Rich

Reading enable you tap from the knowledge and experience of great men and women. I consider it as one of the most important habit to have if you want to be a successful businessman or investor, especially in places like Nigeria where people don’t share information. So how much books should you read? That’s a […]

eBook: The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth

This an awesome book written by James Altucher, the renown master of side geeks(business), and a self-publishing expert. The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth is essentially all about money: making it, growing it, keeping it, in America today. It’s about building wealth, investing, business, and finance. It’s about the new rules of retirement, entrepreneurship, investing, […]

Earn $2 Bitcoin in Free Crypto Give Away

From 2011 to 2013 the best way to get cryptocurrencies is by mining it. And also, from 2014 to 2017 the best to get cryptocurrencies is by buying it. Going forward from 2018, I with so many cryptocurrency experts now believe that the best way to earn crypto is by earning it. You can provide […]

Top 8 Free Resources For Small Business

We’ve been checking out some free resources for small businesses, and we’ve uncovered some great online resources and services that won’t cost you a cent. That’s good news for small business! Why spend time and money on something you could get absolutely free? Read our reviews and find out whether you’re missing out on free […]

Join 9jaCashFlow on Telegram

Our Telegram group allows you to ask questions, share ideas, collaborate and learn from other like minded Digital Entrepreneurs. Our Telegram Channel provides updates on Business and Investment opportunities in Africa. Our trending topics includes: 1. Trading & Investment 2. Technology 3. Freelancing 4. Online Marketing 5. Content Creation (Ebooks, Videos, Posts, Online Courses) Interested […]

The Ultimate Guide to Building Powerful Product Pages

Want to get more out of your product pages? In this ebook, we share the best practices that top online stores use to optimize their pages and content. You will learn how to write compelling product descriptions, how to create high-converting images and videos, and some examples of brands that are killing it with their […]

Use This Template To Create Your Perfect Logo In 5 Minute.

A logo speak so loud about your brand. So endeavor to make sure it communicates your value in the simplest way that’s possible. Although you can hire a professional designer to do your logo design, this logo template will be of great help to you if you’re short of cash and need to get things […]

How to create a Nigerian PayPal Account That Can Receive Funds.

Hi guys! Happy Sunday and Mother’s day🚺. As we celebrate together, I want bring to your notice a simple tutorial on how to create a valid Nigerian PayPal account that can send and receive money. This tutorial is essential if you do freelancing and other forms of online business that requires you to get paid […]

Ebook: How To Analyze Stocks For Profit By Robert Kiyosaki.

Hi guys, Happy New Month. One thing you should know about being on this blog is that I read a lot, and I think you need to start doing thesame if you want to develop yourself mentally and financially. I recently read this book titled “How to Analyze Stocks for Profit” by Robert Kiyosaki, and […]

Ebook: 101+ Top Products to Sell in 2019

2019 is a new year with new trend, and a very easy way to make money is to sell what people want. This ebook contains details about what will sell this year? What is trending this year? And many more. It ranges from clothing to home improvement, from lighting to baby products. This ebook will […]

eBook: Work and Life Principles by Ray Dalio.

If there’s any book I will recommend this year, it would be “Principle” by Ray Dalio. The book contains details of successful work and life principles. And it’s a must read for every aspiring entrepreneur or billionaire out there. If you’re interested in reading it, you can access the excerpt here. If you prefer videos, […]

Join our Crypto and Online Business Telegram Group

What’s going on Guys? Are you into cryptocurrency or other online businesses? If yes, one of the best action you could take right now is to join our crypto and online business Group/Channel on Telegram. Our Telegram group allows you to ask questions, share ideas, collaborate and learn from other like minded Online Entrepreneurs. Our […]

eBook: How to Create Online Contents (Text, Audio, Screencast, Interviews)

Hey Guys!  I guess we’re doing good. I owe this post to every Nigerian out there hustling and striving hard to make a living. First, I need to let you understand that before you make money you need to sell. As a matter of fact, I don’t care what product you sell, just sell. Because […]

Ebook: How to Trade Bitcoin for Serious Profit.


How to Make $100,000 a Year in your 20s.

Making a $100,000 a year in your 20’s is as easy as; Step 1: Find a Job, Any Job Step 2: Find the Divisions in Your Current Company That Pay the Most Step 3: While You Have a Job, Search for Another Job Step 4: Decrease Your Taxable Income by Starting a Business on the […]

5 Levels of Entrepreneurship

Epiphanies that allows entrepreneurship to thrive. This eBook describes the five level of entrepreneurship from an amateur entrepreneur to a highly influential entrepreneur. Below are the levels; Level 1 – Wantrepreneur Level 2 – Aspiring Entrepreneur Level 3 – Successful Entrepreneur Level 4 – Serial Entrepreneur Level 5 – Entrepreneurial Deity Click the download button […]

eBook: Introduction to Blockchain Technology in the Nigeria

This just a slide presentation to my eBook titled “How Nigerians can Make Money from Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain” The slide presentation covers snippet information contained in the full eBook. In the full eBook, I  massively simplified blockchain and how Nigerians can make money from the cryptocurrency space. Click here to download the full eBook.

2017 Prices of Building Materials in Nigeria eBook Download

This eBook contains the prices of all building materials in Nigeria alongside the phone numbers of accredited distributors and tradesmen. You will get the prices of all major building materials needed to construct any type of building construction in Nigeria. Any other building materials of which prices are not given are special materials which have […]

2016 Prices of Building Materials in Nigeria eBook Download

This informational product is an eBook that contains the prices of all building materials in Nigeria.  You can make use of this price database eBook in the following ways: You can use it in preparation of estimating rates for pricing “BOQ” (Bill of Quantities) You can use as a basis in estimating cost of a […]

2017 Building Materials Prices in Nigeria

A lot of us own, maintain and also construct structures every now and then. Consequently, we find ourselves in need of obtaining building materials; as we all must know, we should not just jump into the market to obtain materials merely with the picture of what we are buying even without the necessary specifications. This […]

HBD to Lalkay founder, check birthday gift.

Special thanks to every single billionaire in this group, for the birthday wishes. I want you guys to know that every single member of this group is the reason why we kept moving to attain greater heights. You guys kept motivating us, that even when things go rough and we felt like giving up, a […]

Xmas Gift For The Millionaires In The House

Complement of the season to all the 9jacashflow millionaire’s, who  stood by us, from the beginning to the end of these greatfull year. May you have a fulfilled year. Wish you the best in all your endeavours and many successful years ahead. May you have an accomplished year. One love Millionaires. See you all at […]