Hey Guys! Hope we’re good.

Below are top 10 Airdrops to participate in this week:

  1. Dentacoin: Register on Dentacoin Trusted Review Platform. It’s simple, it’s meaningful, it’s rewarding. Join us and get paid for your impact with real coins!
  2. SportyCo: get 20 SPF tokens! Already listed on CMC & traded
  3.  Nexo: Powered by Credissimo, a leading FinTech Group, promising tokens and you can get 20 for free!
  4. Dock: Also has a referral bonus system, not sure how to do the airdrop? Check this video!
  5. Valorem: 250 VLR tokens up for grabs!
  6. Lexit: Business in IP with blockchain? Lexit can, claim your LXT tokens!
  7. Havven: Two million HAV tokens will be distributed!
  8. Ethearnal: Simply chat with the bot and make sure you have your ETH address ready
  9. Omnitude: A pioneering project to address challenges around fraud & identity theft
  10. OPEN Platform: 7 OPEN tokens for free and more if you referr your friends!

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