It took me 3years to learn this powerful secret about blogging I’m going to share on this article. I promise to make it as brief and simple as possible. Please, I’d urge you not to take simplicity for granted, don’t complicate things for yourself, take one step at a time, no one said it must be a bold step but just make sure you act.

Okay, my name is Ibrahim abdulkadir, I’m a digital marketer and strategist – i often take my abilities for granted because they are too simple to me but i just found out what i thought is simple is a whole Lotta big deal to someone else.

This is my very first article on 9jacashflow and here, I’d give you few tips and reasons why great contents will make you good money.

Anytime you hear or read anything about blogging creating a blog or making money from a blog, what comes to mind?

– idea
– Webpage set up
– contents
– monetization?

Ideas: we all have great ideas about a blog, how we want the blog page to look like, the colors and contents.

Webpage set up: when i created my first blog, i was in 100L, i can almost say, i was look for something to do online and i stumbled on blogspot. Today, even a secondary school student can create a blog, it’s as easy as that.

Contents: on a normal ground, ask a blogger where he/she gets content from, they will just point you to a website. ‘We’ do more of copying and pasting – yes We, because I’ve done it too, infact i still do it.

Monetization: anyone running an entertainment blog generate or make money from posting and advertisement. Google ads too, it’s a great way to monetize your blog but you need the big secret to use Google Adsense on your page.

The Big Secret

Ideas: the big secret idea is to create a blog with just one niche – talk about just one topic.

Niche: check your dictionary for the meaning of niche. The big secret niche is to create a website or blog for a specific topic. It’s your blog, you can talk about anything as long as it relates to the blog. for instance, if you want to talk about gadgets stick to gadgets, for vehicles stick to everything about vehicles, you can even go back as far telling us the First car or classic car invention, by the inventor and year. What’s your passion?

Passion: the big secret of passion is to create a blog about what you know, love or let’s make it as easy as what you do. If you’re a medical doctor, an engineer, pharmacist or account and you don’t have a blog where you talk about what you learn on daily basis and share tips. Well, this is a another reminder for you from and our passion is to teach how to increase your cashflow online.

Webpage set up: get a domain name that represents what you stand for. Here, if you don’t know anything about the webpage set, don’t be afraid to ask Google. There are so many helpful tools and tips you for you.
If you don’t the time to do that, hire a web designer or hire us period.

Social media page set up: set up fan pages on social media like facebook, twitter and instagram and share your blog posts.

Contents: don’t forget the big secrets – Niche, your content must represents everything about you or your blog. If you stick to it you’d get fast results. Here, you won’t copy and paste contents from other blogs but review and add your own ideas to them or even contradict them.

Monetization: monetizing your blog will be last thing to do, believe me! You’ll smile to the bank if you stick to this simple rules.

Fun: if you blog about your passion there is no way you’d get bored blogging. It’s a simple way to say: do less earn more!

I hope you found this post useful, please share your thought about this topic, lets learn from each other.