Hi Guys! 31 days is already gone out of 2020, and we want to welcome you to the blessed new month of February.

So far, January has been an incredible start for us @9jacashflow.com, looking at the various content we had put out and the mind-blowing feedback we’re getting from our loyal readers.

We do promise to continue updating Nigerians with very insightful posts, documents, and resources that will uplift their lives. And one of the things we have added to our platform is regular book recommendations.

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You see, there’s earning in learning. And that’s why our slogan says “Learn More To Earn More.”

So today’s book recommendations is a very popular and resourceful book about Cryptocurrency titled, “The Bitcoin Standard, the decentralized alternative to central banking.”

If you’re keen on knowing about Bitcoin and it’s usefulness in trading, investing, business and finance, you should read it.

You can get the hard copy on Amazon for $21.79


Message me on WhatsApp(08101850909) to get your copy.

You should also check out the following:



Once again, happy new month FAM!

Do have a great time!

Disclosure:  Note that Amazon will give us a tiny commission in case you eventually purchase any of the above books. This just a means of promoting valuable resources our there, thus, we are very careful about what we recommend.