Happy new month to all 9jacashflow billionaire’s in the house, hope you guys haven’t forgotten us and our dream of elevating all Nigerians from poverty, through unique and valuable business information. www.9jacashflow.com noni.

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We at www.9jacashflow.com promise to never disappoint you guys, we also promise to keep disseminating unique and valuable post on how to make money in Nigeria, both online and offline.

This my advise for this new month,

  • improve your timeline (work on your timing),
  • always ensure you’re adding something upstairs everyday, whether from books or online, through your phone.

Note: if you read about a topic/field 2hrs every day, after 1 year, you would have read 200 books, that’s enough to keep you updated and make you a professional in any field, it’s also equivalent to a masters degree in that field. Reading 2 hours daily about a field for 3 years also gives you the equivalent of a doctorate degree in that field (PhD).

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PS: if you keep on doing the same thing, you keep on getting the same result. To make it, you got to do something different.

PSST: there is no problem with not knowing, but there is a problem with not trying to know.

Yours in business,
CEO www.9jacashflow.com

Always to your financial success.