Special thanks to every single billionaire in this group, for the birthday wishes.

I want you guys to know that every single member of this group is the reason why we kept moving to attain greater heights.

You guys kept motivating us, that even when things go rough and we felt like giving up, a kind word from a 9jacashflow fan, will put us back on track.

We promise to collaborate more with every member of this group to enable everybody to attain great financial freedom and intelligence.

We promise to elevate financially, not only the members of this billionaire group but also every single Nigerian, tied down with the rope called “poverty”

Am very sure we will get there, not alone, but with me and you.

As one of my boss in this group once said, if you walk alone, you will move faster. But if you walk with people, you will go far.

I pray all of us to collaborate together to create a masterpiece that will make us go far beyond people’s expectations.


Note: We’re in the information age, you need to put your hands on as much pertinent information you can get in your field, as people with more information tends to have Tremendous opportunities over those who don’t.

No one can tell when the right opportunities will come. Why not; prepare now, read now, attend seminars & workshops now, invest in your future now, learn new things now and when the opportunities start coming, you would be happy you ready to grab it and make use of it.


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I’m using this opportunity to say a special thank you to all, who wished me a happy birthday, simply because;

Birthday Wishes from the people who care for you is just like – “God blessing you with a million dollar cheque”. With these wishes, one could live a long time.

I will be giving out this eBook, on 2016 prices of all building materials to reciprocate all the birthday wishes.

Though you may not have a profession in the construction industry or have a project on ground. This eBook will go a long way to give you a general idea of the prices of all building materials in Nigeria. And since we will surely have a project in the future, you shouldn’t underestimate the value of the information therein.

You can make use of it, share it with your friends and as well sell it to make money.

Download your copy here: 2017_Prices_of_Building_Materials_in_Nigeria

Download eBook

Once again, thanks for the birthday wishes.


Courtesy of Lawal Kehinde Damilare
Founder of 9jacashflow.com
Always at your financial success.