There’s nothing so good as being on holiday and still making money at the same time. It adds a huge boost to your confidence and provides you a travel experience different from others.

Holiday and vacation trips are needed from time to time to refresh and rejuvenate oneself from the hustle and bustle of everyday work. As the popular nursery rhyme says

All work & no play, makes Jack a dull boy

However, while on vacation it highly expedient to be both pound & penny wise to avoid spending all saved up money and then going back to start from the scratch again. A good number of people dread the thought of holidays, because it seems to be a time for heavy spending only.

The good news however, is that you can Make, Save & Invest Money while on a break from regular work.

Make Money

  1. Sell products: if you are good with sales/marketing, buy products you consider cheap in your current location but expensive at your next destination and sell them.e.g. agricultural produce are cheaper in rural areas, while imported goods are relative cheaper in cities.
  2. Rent your house: Would your journey be long or you own a second property? If you don’t mind, you could rent out your space to friends or an acquaintance to use for their own vacation also. Be sure your insurance allows for this kind of arrangement.
  3. Get paid for your photos: Make money from those cool selfies and nice shots. Stock image sites, such as Shutterstock, iStock, Foap and Fotolia will pay their contributors royalties whenever one of your images is downloaded. Here is a photography guide that should help.
  4. Write about traveling. You can convert your travel experience into writing and make money by submitting articles to travel blogs.
  5. Be a courier: If you’re planning a road trip and you’ll have some extra space in your car, you can cash-in by helping folks transport a few luggage to their desired destination. Important tip: know the content of the shipment for security reasons.
  6. Go my way: That’s the name of a defunct ride sharing platform which links travelers going through the same route. You could make some money by lifting passengers, if you have extra seat space in your car.
  7. Become a tour guide: If you’re knowledgeable about your destination then you can make money by sharing that knowledge with tourists by becoming a tour guide.
  8. Freelance: it’s time to think about mixing work with pleasure. If you have some expertise in writing, proofreading, photography, graphic design, tutoring, transcription, virtual assistance. Sites like FiverrFreelancer, Upwork, Jooble etc are worthy places to check out for available gigs.

Save Money

  1. Fact-finding: A prior knowledge or research about the culture of the people, cost of commodities, locations to visit etc is very important and would help in budget preparation and cost saving.
  2. Determine your budget. Figuring out how much money you realistically have to spend is critical. Your budget will help determine where and how far you go, by what mode of transportation, where you’ll stay, how you’ll eat and what you’ll do once there.
  3. Travel ahead/Book tickets in advance: This would save you from rush-hour and last-minute exorbitant charges.
  4. Pack Light: Make minimalist packing your mantra, no matter how long you plan to be away. This would save you excess luggage charges.Don’t forget the essential accessories.
  5. Don’t buy on impulse: A lot of people buy something the moment they see it, that’s a sure way to get ripped off and lose money. Take a moment, think it through – if it’s really worth it, then buy.
  6. Find deals on group tours: If you’re traveling with a friend, partner or group, you can usually get huge discounts.
  7. Book in Incognito Mode: When you book in incognito mode with your browser, you are likely to get cheaper rates because travel sites and airline ticket operators can’t track your movements around the web and can’t raise prices accordingly

Invest Money

  1. Set Aside a certain Amount Each Month: Just like you would with an emergency fund, decide how much money you can set aside each month for your travel fund. You might start with a relatively small amount. Make it automatic so you don’t have to think about it.It’ll help make vacation planning easier along the line.
  2. Travel Insurance: It protects your vacation investment in case of canceled flights, illness or injury, even stolen bags. It’s a small investment that should problems arise, you’ll be glad you made.
  3. Invest in Real estate: If you have spare cash and like the idea of investing in real estate – Land and Properties abound everywhere. The rate at which formerly under-developed communities are transforming is shocking. Instead of being left in awe on your next visit to that currently cheap location, why not invest!
  4. Invest in Agriculture: Visit to local communities could also serve as investment and discovery tours. This kind of investment could be:
    • Direct: this involves purchase of arable land or livestock and putting capable hands to work on it.
    • Indirect: it entails funding of some local farmers and getting returns at specified periods.
  5. Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending: Investing in the stock market or real estate isn’t the only way to invest and bring in additional income. You can also loan money to those who are in need and make a little extra money for yourself.

Now, over to you – did you enjoy this article or know of other extra money tips for a wonderful holiday experience? Please share your thoughts, you could also contact us on step-by-step practical guide.

Happy holidaying!