Though i may not know you, or you know me either, I have to share this with you because we are brothers and sisters (one Nigerian). I am LAWAL KEHINDE DAMILARE CEO, people know me as a netpreneur because I do most of my business transactions online. But I almost fell into COMA(trauma) on Wednesday 30th of march 2016, when a wicked seller I saw on OLX used JUJU and his boys to cart away a sum of #21,000 Naira from me.


  1. Stop or reduce buying stuff on classified ads (some are stolen or with one or more bad conditions)
  2. Beware of cheap or slightly reduced product prices, most scammers use this to lure people.
  3. Beware of sellers who agree to all your bargainings (eg when you over reduce the price)
  4. Never travel to meet a seller (always tell them to come and meet you in your area)
  5. Never do an handshake with a seller you don’t know (not only hand shake)
  6. Always check how many ads a seller has, most scammers have 3 or more ads at ones
  7. Never buy a ads with this description ( a cafe, restaurant or bar is good for transaction)
  8. Always ask for receipt, charger and when the seller bought the product, if you notice any single lie (IRO) made by the seller, refuse to buy the product immediately.
  9. When you ask a question and the seller swear with God that his the owner or so, (please run for your life)
  10. Never pay any advance payment



It’s with great disappointment, that am using to write this post. I will say this one of my greatest regret this year so far, having lost my online hard earned money to fraudster using JUJU. I was duped on 30/03/2016, by an OLX user named “DIRA”, he uploaded an infinix hote note 2 for #27,000 naira at Ifako Ijaye, Lagos state and he heard 2 other ads of such nature, the description of the ads says “a cafe, restaurant or bar is good for transaction”. Since other infinix note 2, where sold for #30,000, I called him that am interested and am in Ibadan, he then said he would removed any amount that I ended up using as transport to lagos. I asked him whether he had receipt and accessories, he said yes that the phone is only a month old. I then started my analysis whether to go to lagos or not since I heard exactly #28000 with me.

The next day my Ibadan aunt who wanted to upgrade to a better phone, said she want to buy my tab, I then sold it to her at 11k, and she said she would come back for the phone. I then added the money and I had a total of #39000 with me. I then decided I would travel to lagos that patapata, if I did not like the phone the OLX seller wanted to sell, I would branch at computer village and get a good phone with the money I have.

On boarding the bus to lagos, I called him and told him that we should meet at oshodi. On getting to oshodi, he said he was on his way that I should enter another bus to ikeja, on getting to ikeja, he said I should enter kekenapep to Olowu bustop, beside firstbank olowu, ikeja. I got angry and refused then, he said it’s very near, that his sorry for coming late. (this guys never travelled an inch). On getting there, he pointed his hands to me and I made the mistake of the transaction, I touched him with small part of my hand, that was when the first juju started working( i started behaving nice). I asked for the phone and we went to a bar where I was checking the phone. Because God wanted to save me, I spotted many fault with the phone, he came with no charger or receipt ( since he wanted to scam me and he believed I will never go away with the phone), I then checked is first pics and saw 2015, then I asked him that, but you said the phone is less that a month. He then agreed that he lied. I got annoyed with that and said am no more buying, he started swearing that his the owner of the phone, that I don’t need to panic, then he used is second juju, he licked his mouth, (oti sigbenre si ahon), then anything he says after licking is tongue I should follow. But unfortunately his jazz work half way, I still said I was not buying, I then made another mistake, I told him that I would buy phone at computer village and give him transport to go back home. As we where going, this guy was updating is gang with his small nokia phone, I saw him but the jazz didn’t make me sense the trouble. That idiot even went ahead to ask okada man for road to computer village, which he pretty new. Since we left the whole olowu bustop which we met, I was relieved not knowing there is trouble ahead. After entering about 5 shops with no success of getting Samsung S4 or S5. The guy had fully contacted his gang about our whereabout, he then licked his tongue again (tongue with juju), he then ask me to pay #21,000. That juju caught me, I wanted to resist and say I would pay him in the CAB which I earlier planned thats where i would make my payment, but I could not say it or say no, I obeyed him and removed #4000 from the #25000 I kept separately and gave him the 21k, he then removed his sim and handed me the phone. As he gave me the phone, his 2 gang members came, and where shouting, come and buy in shop, don’t buy phone outside, he will scam you. Immediately I looked at those guys, I knew they where scammers whom where after all the money in my pocket, as I ran downstairs, the guy (OLX seller) started acting angry that, why did I allowed them to see us, that he was no more selling and I should give him back his phone. Because I saw his gang member running downstairs towards me, I quickly gave him his phone and collected my money (paper money) I then started running, so those guys wont reach me to take the remaining cash with me. Before I could reach safety one of the gang member, hit me in the chest so I could fall(take my valuable things and renew the juju), but my adrenalin was high, I didn’t fall and I eventually ran into the bus going to berger, where I will board bus back to Ibadan.

After relaxing in the bus, they asked me whether have been scammed I said no, that I collected my money back. I then check the money, and I saw story book, cut in money shapes. I was annoyed my eyes opened and I immediately threw it on the bus dashboard and told people, I was duped and given fake money. Luckily for me the paper money did not touch very well the #4000 and #11000 I collected from my aunt, else it would have disappeared with the paper money.

After some time the guy called, and I picked so as to lure him to come and meet me under the bridge, so i can call SARS and set him up, but instead  the guy chanted some slangs to make the money disappear with the paper, but it didn’t work cause I already threw the paper on the bus dashboard. I then told him to come and meet me under the bridge, when he new the juju, was no more working, he said we will transact business later and hanged up the call. I called again to tell him have left, since he did not come, but to my surprise, I was hearing an hausa female voice ( INA KUA NA) I then hanged up the call and realized have ended up in the stretched arms of fraudsters.

When I got to berger lagos, I boarded bus back to Ibadan and got home around 6:50 PM. I slept and woke up the next day, then I reported the issue to OLX customer support, stating the details of the seller. What OLX did, was to call me and tell me, they have seen the account of the seller and they have blocked it. I laughed cause I knew this sellers will always create other accounts. Then a thought came to me, that I should write a post about my encounter on my website and that’s what you are reading right now.

FACT: I knew all that happened was my  fault of being licentious and also over believing in online transactions, but a cogent point is that, this fraudster popularly known as GBAJUE have upgraded, they see potential customers online, meet and scam them physically offline.

I checked other ads on OLX the next day, and I noticed 32 ads very close to nothing but pure scam. This latest development of using online ads and juju when the fraudsters meet there custormers have spread from Lagos(ikeja), Ibadan(Ring road), Warri and Port-Harcourt as I saw more than 2 ads of that nature in those locations.

Please and please beware! Share this on your social media and whatsapp, you might be helping a soul, right now.

PPS: Most of products ads you see with computer village as their location are pure scam, they will give you shop address, so as to make you feel save coming from another location. (my brother run from those ads)