One of our philosophy at 9jacashFlow is that people should learn more to earn more. We believe in Kaizen (the Japanese word for constant learning and improvement), and that’s why we’re sharing this inspiring story of Reshaad Sha, the CEO of Liquid Telecoms.

“Reshaad Sha explains how learning has become his greatest weapon”

Before taking the helm, he worked with various leading telecommunications operators in South Africa, Turkey, across the Middle-East and Africa, Russia, USA and South East Asia.

Reshaad believes that success does not come easy, nor quickly. This said, he attributes the things that went right to four pillars which he lives by.

1. Develop a deep systems based understanding

“I obsess with understanding every detail of how companies operate and what impacts value creation. I then do my best to positively affect those variables that generated the most value and thus deliver the required results”. This essentially allowed him to learn the ins-and-outs of a business to find ways to optimize it.

This practice is evident in Sha’s past positions as executive director and chief strategy officer of Dark Fibre Africa, where he has been credited with driving and delivering on the companies short-, mid- and long-term strategies as well as the companies entry into new revenue streams.

2. Seek diverse exposure

“I was exposed to many cultures and economies, from the USA to Europe, throughout Africa, Russia, Turkey, Asia, and some of the Gulf states in the Middle East. This exposure allowed me to build a wealth of business context across emerging and developed economies”.

The more diverse your exposure within and surrounding your sector, the higher and more rounded the view you can take on opportunities or challenges. Reshaad’s international experience allowed him different views and approaches within the same field of work. This enabled him to get an immense and unique understanding of the industry.

3. Commit to lifelong learning

“I spend an enormous amount of time learning. This recently included studying at Harvard Business School which provides an incredible learning experience in advanced management strategies in a 2-month residential programme”.

Lifelong learning is a hallmark of YPO for good reason. And Reshaad immediately elevated his abilities prior to starting his role at Liquid Telecoms. The technology world is in particular moving at breakneck speed. And the only way to stay competitive is to continuously learn and adopt the new.

4. Seize opportunities and experience:

Reshaad’s journey began when he found a keen interest in software systems in high school. His first job in mobile telecommunications came about when the industry experienced rapid growth in Africa. Reshaad said he was attracted to the sector because it was “globally scalable, dynamic and had the ability to impact the lives of others”.

Reshaad quickly climbed the ranks and soon worked alongside some of the best in the industry from all over the world. This shaped and supplemented his growth and knowledge of the industry, as he worked alongside like-minded people who wanted to succeed as much as he did.

Since then Reshaad has had one goal, to learn continuously and to use that knowledge to better influence and impact the industry and the lives of others in a positive way. Reshaad Sha joined YPO in August 2018 to further the progress of his goal.

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