How Nigerians can Make Money and Leverage this Disruptive Technology Called Blockchain.

To those of us very conversant with the online/internet ecosystem, chances are that we’ve come across the words “Bitcoin”, “Cryptocurrencies” and “Blockchain Technology”. While bitcoin is the first mainstream cryptocurrency, blockchain is the technology that powers bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
Our main focus in this eBook is understanding the Blockchain technology and how to make money in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.
Although new things sometimes look risky, bitcoin and blockchain is a very disruptive technology, and it provides many opportunities and solutions to our eveyday problems in finance, governance, transportation, voting, real estate etc.
A number of Internet Gurus are even of the opinion that blockchain technology will do to banks and trusted 3rd parties what email did to post office.
I have massively simplified blockchain technology and how to make money from cryptocurrencies, using examples an average Nigerian would understand.

This eBook will show you in detail:

  1. Blockchain Technology.
  2. Blockchain Development.
  3. Cryptocurrency Investment & Initial Coin Offering (ICO).
  4. Cryptocurrency Trading.
  5. Cryptocurrency Mining.





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