With the advent of Social media, it is a commonplace to see majority of Nigerians clinging passionately to their mobile devices whether in shopping malls, in the bus, in classrooms, on the streets, even in religious centres. Funny enough, this anomaly is not peculiar to the youths alone, this trend has also crept into the psyche of some adults. Most times, this folks are seen smiling, laughing, while others give serious and rapt attention to the screen of their devices

Global Start counter as of March 2018 puts the statistics of Social media usage in Nigeria as:

Facebook 86.03%
Twitter 5.21%
Pinterest 4%
YouTube 2.36%
Instagram 1.01%
LinkedIn 0.87%

Source: Startcounter.com

Facebook has the highest percentage of market share in Nigeria as seen above, for some reasons maybe because it was the first social media platform to gain mainstream adoption in the country.and also it has an easy to use User Interface.

Although the percentage share Whatsapp has in the Nigerian market wasn’t recorded, this platform has recently assumed the role of a cheaper alternative to phone calls and SMS, which are both relatively on the high side of cost.

In all, these social media platforms are used as a haven of getting timely information, networking, building relationships, transacting, commending or condemning individuals and government as the case might be.

But wait, come to think of it…do these social media guys reward us for the massive content posted and used on their pages? Wow, YES they do! However it’s for a select few.

Ways to Make Money on Social Media

To partake of the Social media Cash flow, you are required do one, some or all of the following and some others:

  1. Become a Youtube partner (by monetizing your channel)
  2. Become an Affiliate/Marketer (for companies like Jumia, Ali Express, Amazon etc.)
  3. Become a Social Media Manager (companies are always on the look for people to manage their pages)
  4. Be an Online Vendor (sell your services and products e.g Photos, Music, Cakes etc.)
  5. Be a Social Media Celebrity
  6. Etc.

Finally, to succeed as Social media Entrepreneur, you have to be:

  1. Be Innovative
  2. Be Creative
  3. Be Authentic
  4. Be Updated
  5. Be Connected to the Internet

Do enjoy your time online!