Power and unemployment are the major deterrent to economic growth and development in Nigeria. Simply put, power is getting more erratic in various states across the country, and in places were it’s stable (16 hours + a day), it’s even very expensive. Unemployment and underemployment on the other side threatens our entire population. It just keep getting worse and worse, and according to a recent data published on TradingEconomics, over 23.1% of Nigerians are unemployed.

So how do we tackle this predicament in power and unemployment? Going into Off-grid Renewable energy might be a good solution.

What is Off-grid Renewable Energy Solution?

These are energy solutions like solar and wind etc that supports the expanding access to modern energy services in a timely and environmentally sustainable manner.

Off-grid renewable energy are already mainstream(everywhere). Irena.org, an International Renewable Energy Agency even proclaim that it can now deliver a wide spectrum of electricity services for households, public services, commercial and industrial uses in major cities across the world.

Why is Renewable Energy Important?

The number of people served by off-grid renewables globally has expanded six-fold since 2011, reaching nearly 133 million people in 2016. It’s major benefit is that it gives people access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy.

I personally had to disconnect my connection from the Power Holding Company of Nigeria(PHCN) grid, simply because I’m been charged ₦40,000/month for using 2 laptops, a sound system, a fan and a kettle heater in my Self Contain apartment. I think this corruption at it’s peak.

Another significant benefit of Renewable Energy is that it provides jobs for numerous individuals across the world. A lot of energy companies are now sprouting up in Africa, and you can start yours with as little as ₦200,000.

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