Everybody wants to achieve big things in life but we all know it doesn’t happen overnight. It requires focus, speed, hardwork, smart work, leveraging on other smart people etc.

In this article I will be sharing a concept I recently read from Harvard business review when it comes to achieving big goals. I will lay it off   into 3 steps.

The first step is actually breaking down all the activities that you do into micro task.

I’m sure you’ve heard this quote that “Your piggy bank becomes your biggy bank.”

This is very true! It means that the little actions you take is what will transmogrify into large outcomes. The little money you save will makeup your big bank account. The little work you do day in day out will eventually bring in big returns.

For example: if you want to start jogging every morning in other to stay in shape and in good health, a micro task might be to wake up by 5:00am and put on your shoes. Once you’ve done that you know it won’t be difficult to go out and run. I have tried it and it works.

Another good illustration is reading a lengthy text book. The best way to breake this into micro task will be to read a chapter at a time. And before you know it you’re done with the book. So learn to break things down into micro task.

The second step is that you track and measure the outcome of your micro task.

You need to ask yourself questions like, how many times are my doing this micro task in a day? What’s the result like? Am I improving?

You see; what get measured gets accomplished. If you don’t have a way to know if you’re improving or not, then how do you know whether you’re improving.

Another way to monitor the result of your micro task is to use mobile or web applications. We have the likes of Trello and other goal setting apps in your app store.

The final step to achieving great things is to create a group that will hold you accountable. Although this step works, many people still find it hard to implement and utilize it effectively.

As a matter of fact, you don’t need many people. A group of 2 to 3 persons is okay. All you have to do is make sure you tell your group what you want to do and what time you will get it done. With that you can be held accountable for your word.

Never forget to add a a deadline to your goals. Also, make sure you add tough people to your group. Those that will tell you the truth and hold you accountable when you don’t do what you say you will do.

I hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new.

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