How to advertise your products and services online

Targeted traffic/ visitors: These are particular groups of people, who you want your products or services to be well known or publicized to. It can be a particular people in a state, country, tribe, rich or poor class etc.

By now am sure you know what adnetworks are. Adnetworks are advertising platforms or organisation’s online who help advertiser and publisher to meet and transact (achieving both their aims). Click here to learn more on how to make money from adnetworks.

To advertise your product or service online, your main aim and motive is to make your products and services noticeable to the people, this people are called traffic. There are various method of getting traffic to your products or services, but I personally prefers the paid advert method to the free advert method, because its reliable and direct(that is, advert made through this method are targeted)

The two methods I use in getting paid and targeted traffic to my informational products, services or blog is

  1. Through adnetworks
  2. Paying an agreed amount to site with a lot of targeted traffic/visitors to display my ads

Through adnetworks: In getting paid traffic through adnetworks, you need to register as an advertiser on any adnetwork of your choice. The adnetwork i often use are and But if you are a Nigerian, I prefer you start with addynamo or google adwords. After you register you will have to pay a required minimum amount and write you advert, the advert will be made live on every website working with the adnetworks. Each time someone clicks on your advert they will be directed to your product, service page or website which you provided when creating the advert.

Paying an agreed amount to website with targeted visitors: Here you negotiate with websites, blogs or dating site, an amount which you will have to pay so as to display your advert, product or banner on their website. To start the negotiation you can email the owner of the website, telling them your intention to advertise on their website. Before you have to ensure website is blog or forum or dating site, that as a lot of daily visitors, example of such site are;


All the above listed blogs have a lot of unique daily traffic and they charge nothing less ₦10,000/month to advertise a product, blog, services etc. But it really worth it in the long run, because your product and services will be made known to the public.

We also have other free method of advertising such as; comment posting, social media, guest posting and so on, but they are not as effective as the paid method.

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