How To Benefit Maximally From

To benefit maximally from, you need to know the following:

  1. What you need to be rich is “Financial Literacy” not earning more money, earning more money is a short term solution to a long term problem. Financial literacy is the process of increasing your financial IQ by learning new method/information about making money and making use of what of what you have learned regularly (even immediately)
  2. To be rich you have to be willing to learn new ideas and make use of it often, don’t expect to be rich by just being hard-working with your old mentality.
  3. Don’t expect to explain every single thing to the last. This won’t help you, to be rich you have to know more than the average man both financially and information wise. Most time when information reaches the corners and crannies of the society, the rich have already made enough and if not all the money they needed with the information, and are on a new lookout for new information. One of the worst harm you can do to yourself is, being extremely happy with outdated information, when there are better and genuine information/ideas.
  4. We will try our possible best to always explain the basis, but don’t forget to always use the comment box incase you have any questions. There is no problem with not knowing, but the problem is with not trying to know. Feel free, ask questions, there is no negative side of asking question.
  5. Value learning over earning: what I mean by this statement is that you must value the information and ideas more than the money you might earn or you will need in getting the information. For example, on a faithful Friday I saw a product about making money on fiverr, it cost only ₦3000 and I had ₦5000 to spend for the month, I valued the information I will get from the eBook, so I bought it for ₦3000. The next month I landed ₦40,000 into my account. Do you get (always value knowledge. Knowledge first, ok)
  6. Always be eager to get/download/buy relevant informational products or books no matter how much it cost, because no matter what is inside the book you have nothing to lose, you are 100% going to learn new things. So why hesitate to learn when you know that knowledge is very valuable, in becoming financially literate.
  7. Be optimistic, if you keep doing the same thing and expecting different result? Then you are a fool. You have to start thinking like a rich person to be rich, stop your poor talk and thought such as, you have to be hardworking to make money. You have to be smart-working not hardworking, always believe you can achieve your aim, and say words like you are broke, never say you’re poor cause broke is temporally while poor is eternal.
  8. Always be willing to help others, keeping information only to yourself is of no use, it will only get useless and outdated, and because we are in the information-age. Information changes overnight ( don’t forget givers never lack)
  9. Lastly, you should also be ready to contribute to this great website, if you have any valuable information or a unique way in which you make your own money. We will be very happy if you are ready & willing to share it. Better still if you want to be an author on this great website and post relevant/genuine information for a fee or free, contact us([email protected] or call 08101850909)

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