I recently stumbled upon an article by  Stanford’s d.school, which pinpoint 5 useful tips you need to successfully interview a customer.

Keep reading, I hope you find it helpful.

Don’t ask “Yes/no” questions. It is much better to get the person to speak at length, which can help you better dive into their reasoning.

Encourage stories. Narratives often reveal a lot about a person, and how they think about the world. Listen carefully for them.

Watch body language. People can tell you a lot by how they behave, not just how they speak.

Ask “Why?” This is a simple way to make sure that you understand exactly what the person is saying. Ask this as many times as necessary to get insight into the problem.

Here are some sample questions that should help you:

Who else do you know that shares [the problem they have]?

How many other people do you think share [the problem they have]? Why?

What is the best [solution] out there right now? Why?

What makes the [solution] so good for you? Why?

On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate [current solution they use]? Why?

What would make [current solution they use] better? Why?