How To Change The IMEI of Your Android Tablet

Changing your Android phone IMEI is very easy even if the phone is not rooted. I will teach you a procedure which has been tested on lots of phone models including Infinix Hot 2, Infinix Zero, Infinix Zero 2, Infinix Hot Note, Tecno Y6, Tecno Phantom and lots more. Even though this procedure works for many phones,I will take Infinix Hot 2 as an example.

How to change the IMEI of your Android smartphone like Infinix Hot 2

Download and install either MTK Engineering Tools or Mobileuncle.
Launch the app you have installed.
Go to Engineer Mode if you need to.
Go to Connectivity.
Click on CDS Information.
Click on Radio Information.
Depending on the IMEI of which SIM slot you wish to change, select Phone 1 for SIM 1 or Phone 2 for SIM 2.
AT+EGMR=1,7,”the-IMEI-number” – if you are changing the IMEI of SIM 1.
AT+EGMR=1,10,”the-IMEI-number” – if you are changing the IMEI of SIM 2.
Click Send AT Command.
You would see a notice “AT Command is mSent” showing that the IMEI change is successful.
The procedure above would work for most phones especially those of Tecno make. But Infinix phones like Infinix Hot 2 requires a slight tweak to change the IMEI. You would need to put a space between “AT+” and “EMGR=…” before clicking the Send AT Command button.

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For Infinix Phones like Infinix Hot 2, to change the IMEI, enter it just like this:

AT+ EGMR=1,7,”the-IMEI-number” – if you are changing the IMEI of SIM 1.
AT+ EGMR=1,10,”the-IMEI-number” – if you are changing the IMEI of SIM 2.
Then click Send AT Command.

What do you use IMEI Tweaking for?

People don’t change the IMEI of phones like Infinix Hot 2 just for fun. They tweak it for the following reasons:

To use Glo BlackBerry subscription on Android.
To subscribe to bonus internet data meant for other Android phones.
And for some other tweaks.
Kindly note that you don’t have to root your phone to carry out all these steps. Enjoy your new IMEI