Being broke is a disease that has plagued so many people for a long time and many seek to find a way out of it. It’s a disease caused by lack of financial intelligence and laziness.

If you long to come out of financial lack, then you’ll need to find a way to bring yourself out of brokenness and be financially stable.

This will involve developing certain habits like:

1. Having a Financial Plan – You must be able to plan your finances. Determine how much will go into feeding and transportation, saving and investments etc. You will need to learn to budget your finances. Budgeting helps you track where your money is going, and keeps you from spending lavishly.

2. Not Buying on Impulse – Never buy things on impulse. If it’s not in the budget, if it’s not an emergency and if you can live without it, don’t buy it. From time to time, review your budget and cross off from the list the things you think you can live without.

3. Paying Your Bills on Time – Late bills attract penalty. So pay your bills on time. Settle your utility bills, pay up your debts and save the rest of your money.

4. Negotiating Everything – Never buy at an higher rate what you can buy at a lower price. Negotiate fearlessly, ask for fair prices, don’t fail to use discounts and check your receipts carefully, in case mistakes were made.

5. Not Having a Savings and Investments Culture – Savings and investments are one of the best ways to manage and multiply your finances. It’s said that average people spend money, smart people save money and intelligent people invest. Which category do you belong?

6. Gaining Financial Intelligence – Even the greatest financial manager’s and people with the highest financial IQs study to gain financial intelligence any chance they get. Read books on financial intelligence, learn how to make, manage and multiply money by modelling the secret of successful people.