One of the most important thing in life, is to live a life void of failure and regrets. Don’t get me wrong, failure can be a push into doing better, and we have all done things we regret at one point or the other in life.

The truth is, as much as these things happen, we must try our best to avoid them. A man who keeps making the same mistake is soon to be completely paralyzed by failure and when you act without thinking, you will definitely regret your actions.

Your mindset is one of the most crucial part of your body you need to work on. Many people are living below their real person because of the things they have chosen to believe. A lot of people are toiling and struggling because they have had the wrong mindset for a long time.

Mindset is a way of thinking, an attitude, especially a habitual one, according to the dictionary. This means that your mindset is formed as an habit, and just like an habit, it will stick to you for a long time until the day you decide to change it.

So how do you know when you need a new mindset? Actually, the title of this post is deceiving, you need a new mindset everyday. The Bible said to renew our minds daily. Many authors of great books have recommended mind emptying before you go to bed at night. So you don’t need a new mindset in the future, you need it everyday.

But for people who are just growing in this mindset issue, I’ll write the following out for you:

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