In this video, I explained in detail how to start earning daily income trading Bitcoin on I strongly believe that cryptocurrency is the future of digital asset and investment. Hence, I advice we all pay close attention to it.

I started the video with a brief introduction of what cryptocurrencies are, and where you can go to trade them(Buy or Sell). And before I dived into the main topic of the video, I gave a short disclaimer to address peoples mentality when it comes of Crypto-investment. It is not a get rich quick scheme. If you act foolish, you can loose all your money in minutes.

Next I explained the basic information new traders need to know about Bybit. These include the following:

  • What leverage is?
  • The various crypto assets available on the platform.
  • The welcome bonus, and their affiliate programs.

Besides, I also discussed setting up an account, buying your initial Bitcoin from Binance, LUNO or Paxful, and then sending it to your Bybit account.

Furthermore, I shed more light on the importance of having a Trading Strategy, Managing your Risk and Trades. I also gave a tip that the only way they can secure their trading capital is by withdrawing their profit. Bitcoin is very volatile and you shouldn’t let the volatility affects both your initial capital and profit. Always ensure you withdraw your profit and convert at least 70% if it to a fiat currency(Naira or USD).

To round the video up, I made it crystal clear that nothing is guaranteed in trading, so don’t use all your capital on a single trade. In addition to that, trading derivative  is a double-edged sword, this because the same way you can make more money, you can also loose more money. Always make sure you don’t trade with more that 10x your capital, except if you’re an expert. Otherwise, you will easily get wiped out.

Please note that this not a financial advise! I’m just doing all this for informational purposes only. If you’ve learnt something new, endevour to leave a comment below and share this article with anyone who you think could benefit.

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