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Trust this message meets you well amidst the current pandemic situation.

A lot of people have reached out to us asking how they can make little cash online, pending the time things will get resolved. And that’s exactly what we would discuss in this article.

So stay calm and read on. I’m sure you will find this article beneficial.

Making Money Online Amidst Corona

To start with, there are numerous things you can do to make money online, but not all of them are advisable for beginners, simply because some do require start-up capital.

So how can you still earn if you don’t have a start-up capital? It’s simple

The best way to make money online as a Newbie, if you don’t have a kobo is through referral and affiliate marketing.

You see most times, new online platforms need people to recommend their services to others so they can increase their user base. And in return, they give referral bonuses and commissions.

But that doesn’t mean you should go out there promoting any online platforms you see just because you want to get paid.

That is wrong ❌❌❌

You have to use the platform first, then verify they’re legit before you recommend them to your friends.

That way, you will rest assured that the platform won’t malign your reputation by scamming offering referrals or offering poor services to them.

What Platforms Can You Start Referring Users Too?

Currently, there are numerous platforms that you can refer people to. But to help you out, I will share below the one that I’m currently using that pays well.

The platform is called Branch, it’s a loan application that allows you to generate up to ₦5000 daily if you can refer 2 or more people.

Branch Mobile Lending App

So How Does Branch Work?

It works like this…

First I refer you to Branch and you take ₦1000 loan. If you repay with ₦1200 (plus 20% interest) instantly, you will be given ₦500 welcome bonus while I the referrer gets ₦1500 referral bonus.

Your profit at this point is 300 (₦500 – ₦200).

Note: The ₦200 here is what you added to the ₦1k you borrowed when you paid back ₦1200.

I’m sure you’re thinking, just N300 profit.

That’s not all, and you’re just about to get the icing on the cake.

If you go ahead and refer 2 people and they borrowed ₦1000 each and repaid it. You will have ₦3000 referral bonus(₦1500 x 2 people).

Now if you borrow another ₦3000 from Branch, and it was disbursed to your bank account, you’ll be expected to pay back ₦3500(plus 19% interest) within a month.

So instead of paying back ₦3500 from your pocket, you can decide to pay out of it using your ₦3000 referral bonus.

You will now have a debt of ₦500 left to pay, which you can do from the N3000 Branch disbursed to your bank account earlier. And now you’re left with ₦2500 profit.

Note While referring just 2 people who borrowed ₦1000 and paid back ₦1200 earned you ₦2500 daily, you will need to refer up to 4 people if you intend to earn up to ₦5000 daily.

So if you think convincing people to use a legitimate platform like Branch is not a problem for you, then you can start immediately by following the below steps.

Steps to Start Making Money From Branch

1. First, download the Branch App and register using my referral link: https://branch.co/download/kehind71600

You can as well input my referral code: kehind71600 once you login to the application under the promotion’s tab.

2. Next, you take ₦1000 loan and payback ₦1200 instantly (paying back after an hour is fine)

3. Then you refer 2 or more people and tell them to borrow ₦1000 and pay it back.

4. When you’re sure they have paid it back, borrow ₦3000 and once you receive it, pay back the loan using your referral commission. Now you keep the cash Branch send to your account.

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