How to Make Money From Expired Domain Name Parking Business

Expired Domain Name Parking
Expired domain parking is another aspect of domain name business that has made many people instant millionaires. Like every other aspects of domain, It’s a business I’ve been into for close to five years now. It’s a business I know exactly how it works – the ins and the outs.

Before you think of making money with Expired Domain, you need to first understand what it is and how it works. So, what exactly is Expired Domain Name Parking and how is it a Business? Believing you already know what domain name is, a domain expires when a domain name that is registered for a period of time is allowed to exceed the period without being renewed.

Different types of domain expires everyday and some expires with huge traffic. It is those ones with traffic that present business opportunity for domain investors. When you invest in such domain, you are said to be in expired domain business or dropped domain business. When you invest in expired domain and park it to monetize the traffic, you are said to be in expired domain name parking business.

If you want to make money quick in domain business, domain parking is the quickest means of making money in domain. You can start making money today, that’s as quick as it is. Smart Domainers use this to create quick revenue and reinvest it into their domain flipping and development portfolio.

When properly done with everything properly put in place, this business can make you over $5,000 monthly. People with huge portfolio are making hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly. How do you go about setting up this business and what are the things involved? Let’s take it one by one and see how far we can go in explaining to you how this business works.

1. Find Expiring Domain

Not just any expiring domain, you need to look out for expiring domain with traffic. It’s simple to get, use simple Domain Software to get domains that are about to be deleted. Domain name passes through different stages before it is finally deleted. From ‘About to Expire’ to ‘Grace Period’ and ‘Pending Delete; then finally deleted.

The software will help you find domains in a particular keyword that you entered. You have other options to select TLD extension, ignore certain keywords, choose maximum characters, and ignore or add dash and numbers. You may use other online expired domain search just keep your eyes on pending deletes.

I’ve picked up some real gems using It is free, but you have to register and, just to warn you, the owner, Dan, sends you out a weekly list of domain names that he is selling. But, it’s worth it to me because, for the domains I look for, it has a fairly powerful search feature for free. Just remember that just because it comes up as a deleted domain, doesn’t mean that someone else has not snapped it up.

It’s first come – first served! I also use where Godaddy sells all their expiring names – you just have to ignore the mixed-in silly “auctions” where newbies believe their 40 character domain names are worth $250,000!

And always remember to check for potential trademark issues before you spend time and money developing a domain name by searching at first. —

2. Analyze Your Domains

Perform advance search to determine the domain “Page Rank” and number of “Link Back” to the domain, and the age. These are what determine if the domain will be a viable registration. The higher the link back and PR, the better domain it is. If any application or domain registrar tells you that a domain receives thousands of visit monthly but you checked it and there is little or no link back, keep away from such domain. Quality expired domain must have quality link back. If not, where is the traffic coming from?

3. Register The Domains

Having done your proper analyses, the next step is to Backorder it through Drop catch services offered by some Registrars. There is high level of competition in dropped domain registration due to the high profitability of good expired domain. The best means to get good expiring domain is to backorder it. It will cost you more money but if your domain is good, you are sure going to reap in three fold. When you backorder a domain, it will be re-registered for you by the registrar within spit seconds before or after it drops.

4. Park Your Domains

There are hundreds of services you can use for your domain parking. Some registrars offers parking services to. The most accessible among all the parking systems is They are flexible and accept all sorts of domains. Unlike others that may require to see your domains first and check the quality, Sedo doesn’t ask for that. Namedrive is there too.

Sign up and add your domains, then go to your registrar and change the nameserver to your parking service namesrver. That will enable your domains to redirect to the domain parking landing pages where PPC ads will be served to your domain traffic.

Once you’ve done all these, the next step is to wait and collect your money – anytime people click on the PPC ads on your domain, your account will be updated with some dollars. The more the click, the more the dollars but the click has to be quality one originating from genuine interests. Click fraud is a crime of which your account can be disabled and all the money earned retained by the parking company. You must avoid click fraud by all means if you hope to last in domain parking business.

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