How To Make Money On Fiverr And Other Freelancing Website


To be frank, I think the only problem you’re having with fiver & co freelancing site is that, you are making little or no money, and that’s what this post is about to solve.

Making money on fiverr is as easy as making money doing other online businesses; so far you provide a service or sell products that people want. If I tell you anything outside providing real services and selling genuine products, I will only be wasting your time. That is, giving you a short-term solution to a long-term problem. We always try our best on this website to provide relevant and genuine information to aid you in making money and not shortcuts or backdoor methods.

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I know by now the word fiver and other freelancing website should not be strange to you, fiverr is a freelancing website, where various professional come to provide real services and they get paid for that. So you should know that, freelancing is act of providing useful services or products to interested customers for a fee.

The major freelancing website are:


Making real money from these websites, depend on the type of product or services, which you are providing. I will take my time to list 5 best-selling services which you can render and start making money immediately.

  1. Selling of informational products: I know you know the value of information, if not fr information you would not be on this website, so what you need is to get a copyright to an informational products that you think everybody wants (people have extreme desire to learn about it), such products include information products inform of eBook, video, audio) etc on the following topics;
    (i) making more money (ii) maintaining good health (iii) fitness (iv) learning a language (v) sport etc
  2. Web development and graphic design: what you need to do is render the service of a professional and qualified web graphic designer, when I mean professional I mean outstanding and unique work such work include creation of website, photo editing, banner design, e-commerce website creation, eBook cover design etc
  3. Translation services: Under translation you just need to construe (interpret) any document from one language to another. Before you can excel here you have to be very good at both languages, but we have softwares & websites to help you e.g.
  4. SEO & Backlinking services: due to increasing number of website every day, we also have a direct proportion in the increase of website owners who want to increase their SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or let me use search engine presence through method such as backlinking etc, if you are professional in SEO you are optimally needed.
  5. Advertising/Social media: Nearly all website/organization/company want to be made known to the public and they pay a huge amount to expert and advertising platforms to help them in getting traffic to their products or services. If you really know how to get real traffic from social media nothing should stop you from making money. If you have a Facebook account with over 500 active daily users you could be raking money into your account.
  6. Writing and editing article: Writing and editing article: if you are a very good editor, with good vocabulary you can also be raking money. There are people out there who want people to proofread there write-up, due to limited time or fixed schedule. If you really the skill, then noting should stop you from making cash.
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Other services include: (i) writing songs (ii) Consultancy service (Skype chart) etc

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