How to make money on your website through adnetwork

Firstly to make money through this method you need to have a website. If you want to learn to create a website click here =====>

What are adnetworks? Adnetworks are online advertising platform/networks, where advertisers and publishers meet and communicate directly or indirectly.

Advertiser: This can be anybody, organization, company etc who want their products or services to advertised or made known to the public (they usually to the adnetwork for the advertising provided)

Publisher: This are site owners who are willing to post advert code or sponsored post of advertiser from the adnetwork to their website. So that the advert made by the advertiser, can be made known or vissible to the people that visit your website (your traffic). You get paid per click (each click a visitor made on your site), per sponsored post (you earn an amount for any post submitted by an advertiser)

For this method to work for you, you need to be a publisher and as you can recapitulate earlier, the publisher is like a middle seller between the advertiser and the adnetwork, and the publisher makes money by making ads visible to the traffic on his websites. So to make money effectively on this method, you need to have traffic, and if you can successfully get clicks from your traffic you will get paid either weekly or monthly as the condition warrant.

Example of trusted and reputable adnetwork, that you can join as a publisher are:

  1. Google adsense
  2. Addynamo
  3. Kontera
  4. Infolinks
  5. Adnation
  6. Yahoo

All you need is to go to any of this adnetworks; register as a publisher, and submit your contact address, submit your bank details, copy advertisers post/adcode, paste them on your site. You will post the sponsored post as an article on your blog, while you insert the adcode into the HTML/body of your website, either under the widget, banner. Ensure that the adcode display advert when viewed and it is placed where people will click on it.

NOTE: when you start getting clicks, your money start pilling and you can withdraw it at any convenient time.

There are other adnetworks available such as, yahoo publisher and bing, but I will prefer you test the trusted one’s first (especially

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