How To Make Money Tweaking Phone Imei And Getting Free Browsing Gigabyte

Making money in Nigeria is definitely an easy thing, if you got the right information and more importantly making use of the right opportunity. Mind you viable opportunities are not seen with the eyes they are spotted with the mind.

To tweak imei and get gigabytes you need to have a valid imei which is currently been under promotion or business bundle. such imei includes the imei of a new mtn modem, this imei will give you free 250 mb when activated. other imei include the new infinix hot smartphone which gives 2gigabyte when tweaked.

After you have a valid imei, you then need to have an android phone and start tweaking, after tweaking you then send the activation code and allas the gig is stearing at your face.

Activation code for

MTN- mifi to 131
Airtel- join to 141
Etisalat- Data to 8186

As at now, most imei of phones which have data attached to them when activated are already redundant, that is they are no longer working, but as times goes on, you will get more working imei online.

As at the time of writing this post, this imei is working: 2go 3 gigabyte imei —- USE THIS IMEI 8664800192 ADD 5 WIT IT

after tweaking the imei on your android device, send mife to 131 and you will recieve a message saying you have been activated he 3gb 2go offer, but incase you are not elligible, kindly continue tweaking.

Click here to learn how to tweak the imei into your android device.

To make money with this piece of information, you can just tweak as many imei and activate in on as many sim as you want then start selling.

NOTE: more working imei, will soon be available, so endevour to search the internet from time to time, for as many times you can.

You can Whatsapp Lalkay on 08101850909 for further explanations and request for working imei and training on tweaking.

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