How to Order From AliExpress & Have it Shipped to Your Home Address

How-to-Order-From-AliExpress-Have-it-Delivered-to-Your-Home-Address is the most reputable website, when it comes to buying cheap and quality products from china to any country of residence, but one fact is always making ahead, and this the fact that nearly 80% of there products are delivered through shipping, that is you don’t pay any additional fee for shipping, all you play for is the product price, and the product will be “delivered free of charge”

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The requirement for ordering a product includes

  1. Product: this include all the details of the product/accessories you are willing to buy, one vital advice is ensuring that you read all the description about the product, this will prevent you from ordering a wrong product since sometimes pictures can be deceiving, so in case the product shipped is different from what you bought, you easily make complains. I remembered an occurrence when i ordered a phone without looking at the description, cause the phone was cheap, later that day i read the description and saw that the tablet i just bought is a WiFi tablet, since it does not use sim, i had to cancel the order before it was shipped.
  2. Product inquiries: after getting a product you want to sell, the next step is inquiring more about the product from the seller, under this stage you make a relationship with the seller, and ensure he reveals necessary details about the seller, you can even send chat to the seller, requesting him to remove the shipping fee or reduce the price cause you will be ordering more than 1 pieces.
  3. Payment method: when you are ready to order the product, you click on order and you pay with any of the various payment option available, but i will advice you pay with GTB master card, or UBA Africard. Then you proceed with the payment by using the card details.
  4. Accessible home address: before the payment is completed, you will be ask for the residential address, which the product will be shipped too, here you have to provide an accessible address, this an example of an accessible address
  5. Receiving your products: depending on the shipping method, you will receive your products at your house, post office or dhl/ups/fedex office. the goods might be given to you only after providing a proof of identity e.g a drivers license, voters card, student id card etc.

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