The way you promise and deliver value in business goes a long way to determine whether you increase your sales and customer base.

First, you must understand that you need to over-promise in other to attract more customers. You must delight customers with new and unique things for them to live a competitor and start to patronize you.

Also, retaining the new customers has to do with your delivery. You must over-deliver to make a customer stick to your product instead of that of a competitor.

Looking at the history of many successful companies, the best strategy will be to over-promise and over-deliver.

However, it’s not as simple as it seems. Most companies tend to over-promise and under-deliver.

They create an expectation, or set of expectations, and then fall short on value delivery. This one of the major cause of customer dissatisfaction

So how do you over-promise and over-deliver?

You need to look at all the touch point with an over-promise and over-delivery role. According to

  1. Products have to function at least as well as they have been portrayed, and hopefully better.
  2. Systems and processes should enhance customer experiences, which is one of the areas where effort minimization really matters.
  3. Communication should be individualized and personalized for each customers.

My Candid Advice

Unarguably, the best way to attract and retain new customers is to over-promise and over-deliver.

However, that might not be the case with old customers.

For old customers, I think it’s preferable to under-promise and over-deliver. This ensures we keep going an extra length to meet their expectations.

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I believe doing this over and over again will surely help build and retain their trust.

I look forward to having your own view-point about promising and delivering value in a business. Kindly share your experience or thought using the comment box below.

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