How To Register For MMM United and make 100% Bitcoin Monthly


How To Register For MMM United and make 100% Bitcoin Monthly




Bitcoin is a digital currency created by a scientist Satoshi Nakamoto.

It’s a very unique digital currency because of the fact that, its decentrialised, i.e. no government can block, stop, or seize it.

Bitcoin started with 1 bitcoin to $0.001. A man who bought $28 worth of bitcoin then (about 28000 bitcoin) had $871,000 after 3 years, when bitcoin increased to $30/Bitcoin at 2011. 

You don’t have to doubt, you can call/whatsapp me first, Kehinde Lawal 08101850909.




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As at today 1 bitcoin is $764. So its no more an investment like that man did when he bought the $28 worth of bitcoin, now its a business.
Bitcoin is very scarce so its always readily marketable, i.e. highly demanded for.

The first step is to opening a Bitcoin Account, is to register with a bitcoin wallet provider. I.e “COINBASE” or “BLOCKCHAIN

create your bitcoin account here:

Then after creating your bitcoin account, login to your bitcoin account, go to account section and copy your bitcoin address. That’s like your bank account, you will use it to receive payment.


Copy and paste your bitcoin address somewhere save, that’s what you will be using to receive bitcoin to your bitcoin account/coinbase wallet.

Funding Your Bitcoin Account

You fund your bitcoin account by sending your bitcoin address to a seller and paying the speculated amount of $ in Naira. As at today 1 bitcoin is $764 and 1$ of bitcoin in Nigeria is #545 Naira. So if you want $10 worth of bitcoin you pay $10 x #545 = #5450 and send your bitcoin address to the seller funding you.

When you have bitcoin to also sell it, you will collect the buyers bitcoin address and the naira equivalent worth of the bitcoin, the buyer is purchasing, you then click send in your Coinbase/Bitcoin account.


Besides, this very simple, it’s like operating a mobile wallet of your local bank account. Buy and sell is also easy and simple. You will always see a buyer as I also buy and sell it.

Bitcoin is very lucrative, am100% sure you will like it. moreover, there’s a secret you need to know, and that’s the fact that; bitcoin keeps appreciating, because its limited and it’s highly demanded.

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Now bro this the main deal “People make money by buying bitcoin to make money, because when you buy bitcoin you can easily make more bitcoin which you can then convert back to money/raw cash”

So am Introducing MMMunited to Make 100% or Double your Bitcoin Every Month

MMM UNITED works as a community of people who have volunteered to participate in the act of providing each other monetary assistance on the basic principle of gratuitousness, reciprocity and benevolence.

First step is to register mmmunited using this link:

After registration you can then login, go to account section and add your bitcoin address, the one you copied from your coinbase account.

Then afterwards click provide help, write the amount of $ you can afford to donate and after 3 days you’re matched to pay, you can then pay the person by coping the person’s bitcoin address and click send in your coinbase.
Then you click on complete payment  and afterwards insert transaction I’d, then when the persons confirm, your money keep growing, and after a month you can withdraw 100%, i.e double your money.

When you click withdraw, someone will be matched to pay you, and after he/her has paid, you have to login and confirm you received payment within 2 days.

Also double check by loging into your coinbase wallet to confirm the bitcoin is in your account.

You can sell the bitcoin at your desired price to anybody that needs it or don’t forget I always buy. But my rate is always lesser as am a reseller.

So PM me when you have bitcoin.

More Info About MMM United

Guys, have taken my time to explain this, as I didn’t want to rush my explanation so as to make you understand. So please, the best time to start is now.

Register here:

I have a group with a lot of people under me, I have people that invest $1000 = #560,000. And recently a guy bought $5000 to invest, that is about 2.5 million Naira.

This my balance bro and I can sell this today, what did I say, I meant this minute if I reduce my price to about 500/$.

But this the main deal brother.

You can use your website to get a lot of downlines under you. I have used my website to get over 200 people under me. And I earn 5% on all the PH (Provide Help) of my downlines.

Bro if you bring in people you earn 5% of there PH for some time, if you don’t refer, you are still good to go.

Always to Your Financial Success,
Lawal Kehinde Damilare
Founder &
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