According to Tayo Ayodeji, renown business expert, the way to make money is by creating value with your skills or business. Then you save some and grow it with investments.

The two key models for making money:

1. Competence and Skills.

People pay a lot of money to hire competent and skilful people. The primary way to make money for most people is by developing complex, marketable skills. In today’s world, technical skills are more expensive than non-technical ones.

2. Hustle & Flow.

This simply holding down a regular job while hustling on the side. Some people sell competence during the day and hustle at night.

Most employers will not pay you more than you need to live a decent life. To make more money, you will need to build a side gig that will multiply your income.

There are also two key models for growing money:

1. Frugality & Saving:

The first way to grow money is by living below your means so that you can save some.

1. Don’t buy crap you don’t need.
2. Sell anything you haven’t used in a year.
3. Don’t impress people with things, impress them with your investments.

2. Investment & Equity.

This is actually why I decided to write this. Many people hold a misguided view that investments and other money-growing models are the paths to making money.

Let me debunk that notion:

Investments are for growing money you have already made.

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