I will show you how to start a profitable DStv and GOtv business in Nigeria.

Imagine you currently have a low paying job and your salary is not enough to pay your monthly bills. What would you do?

Get a new job right.

That’s a good answer but I’m not sure it’s the best available option. A better solution might be to start a side business, which I’ve always advised🤔.

So what side business can you start?

I would suggest you start an online business because it’s easier to manage while you’re still at your current job. And besides, it requires low startup capital. It’s not like refinery business that requires a huge amount of money to setup.

As a newbie, I will advise you to start either Datashare business or GOtv/DStv subscription business. This is because this business is commission-based, and it has a proven business model.

Starting any of these two businesses also saves you from thinking too much. You see, based on my 7 years experience running an online business, I would suggest that when starting out, you shouldn’t do whatever you like.

You have to first do what is working✔. When you’re now successful at it, you can now decide to jump to another type of online businesses that you know nothing about. That way, you would have learned and gained a couple of tangible experience that would gear you towards success in online business.

So why start DStv and GOtv subscription business?

DStv and GOtv subscription business are very simple. You simply help people in your community subscribe for cable subscription online using your phone or laptop, and you charge them a commission in return.

Let say you charge ₦200 commission on every completed subscription. Calculate ₦200 x 20 customers in a day; that’s ₦4000, not bad for a business you can run from the comfort of your house using your mobile phone.

And just like every other business, you would need to have an initial capital and be good in branding, marketing, and follow-up so you can generate consistent monthly revenue from it.

Let’s take initial setup capital for example:

Guess what? You don’t need an office. This business requires very little initial starting capital. With just ₦20,000 you will cover all your initial expenses.

The basic things you need is a mobile phone, laptop, electricity and internet connection. And I’m sure for you to be reading this post, you definitely have all of that, or don’t you🤔?

After the initial setup cost, the next thing you need to get right is branding, marketing, and follow-up.

Under Branding, you need to be able to project yourself as a trusted person or company to do business with. When you do this, people will transact with you without necessarily having to visit your office. They would just call or WhatsApp you to get their subscription done.

Concerning marketing, you need to be able to promote yourself to people around your vicinity. Not only that, but you need to also get customers beyond your environment. All you need is to build trust and provide quality service that would make new customers turn to returning customers.

Still interested in starting the business

I just created a step by step video guide on how to setup a profitable DStv and GOtv subscription business. This video covers in-depth training on the most important aspect of the business, such as; setup cost, branding, marketing and following-up with customers.

Although it may sound like bragging, I need to let you know we’ve trained over 30 Nigerians on this business, and they are already making cool cash from it 💰.

So how much does the video training cost?

Originally, we charged ₦8,000 just to have a WhatsApp training session on setting up the business. But now that we have a video training that is even more comprehensive and detailed, if we charge ₦10,000 for it, we are justified, since you can watch the video anytime, and as well go ahead to ask us any question on WhatsApp.

But I won’t charge you ₦10,000 simply because you are a loyal reader of this website(9jacashflow.com).

I would charge you ₦3000 only so that YOU and every Nigerian who’s working towards attaining a better life can get hold of the educative video training.




If you act fast today , you will get it for a token sum of ₦3,000 only.

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What will I get when I pay for this offer?

You would get the following when you make the payment for the offer:

  1. A complete Video Training on how to setup a profitable DStv and GOtv subscription business.
  2. The insider secret on branding, marketing, and following-up, so you can provide your cable subscription service to over 25 people a day.
  3. The exact amount of commission you should charge so you can attract more customers and reduce competitors.
  4. How to attend to first-time customers and turn them to monthly clients/subscribers.
  5. Access to Whatsapp question & answer session with me.
  6. 2 eBook Bonuses.


When you buy the DStv and GOtv business package, you get the following bonuses free of charge;

Online business course Online Business Foundation Course

How to start your own Online Business

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Profitable import business How To Start A Profitable Importation Biz

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