How To Start An Online Business


Starting an online business is like starting other businesses, it can be very easy and difficult depending on how you look at it. As for me nothing is hard, but don’t think everything is easy, since information is power, I will say information + action are the fundamental basis of online business. You must   always be eager to have and make use of genuine/current information to your benefit. There is no point having outdated information, you can have but don’t let them overwhelm you to thinking you know a lot. You need to devote yourself to constant learning.

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Basic steps to starting an online business

  • Web presence(website): This is optional, you can start your own online business by turning an offline business to an online business by having a website. A website is a collection of webpages showing your products, information or services you render. The business now depend on what you do with the website whether you are selling a product or providing a services etc
  • Choosing an online business model: To start an online business , you can choose any of the various online business module and stick to it, until you succeed at it . examples of those online business module include
  • Consult expert: if you want to do everything alone without the advice and information from expert/mentors, it will take you more time and cost you more money. You will only have the chance of learning through trial and error. Since this very vital in online business, it’s easier faster and safer to meet people who know better, and learn from them (sometimes you will have to pay). It Is better to spend 2 weeks learning webdesign from expert than spending 3 month learning on your own)
  • Learn more and take action: In online business, the formula for money is Information + action. You must always be in a position to learn and utilize new ideas/information. You have to value learning over earning.
  • Mind your own business: the major problem you will face in online business is lack of concentration. A spirit will always come and tempt you to doing all online business at the same time, you will eventually jump from one to another and end up not being successful at any of the module. You have to choose one and stay by it until you are successful at it, before choosing another module.
  • Higher people/pay people: if you want to start making money through a website, there is no point learning how to create a website, you can pay someone to do the designing, mean while you focus on the making money aspect. Mind you when people see the website, they will only say who is the owner not who designed it. The same with a fine building or house, people will only say who owns the hose not who build the house. Don’t waste your time doing the building or other services, instead pay people and focus on your own business(what matters most is are you the owner). This what will call outsourcing, one of the main tool of the rich.

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