From my observation, I kind of realise that the major roadblock stoping most people from trading Cryptocurrency is inadequate capital.

Infact, I’ve got some Nigerians messaging me on Whatsapp, that how much would they make if they invest #1000 in Bitcoin.

That’s roughly $3, which is too small, and incapable of getting any reasonable return.

But guess what? I can still help!

If you’re like the same people with very little startup capital, I will introduce you to margin trading, which allows you to trade with between 5x to 100x your initial capital.

So if you have $10, you can trade with $10 x 100 which sums up to $1000.

But having the capital is not enough.

You still need a lot more, especially if you’re new to trading the financial market.

You will have to learn the basics of trading, risk management, and as well practice.

So if you’re still interested and ready to start

First register on the margin trading platform that I use “PrimeXBT” using this link:

Then join my free WhatsApp group, where as soon as we have enough participants, I will be training everyone on how to be successful in margin trading.

Note: This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You need to learn how to trade professionally first.

Also, PrimeXBT is a leverage platform that allows you to trade with 100x your capital. So if you’re starting with $10 you can trade with 100 x $10 = $1000. But if you don’t have any startup capital then this not for you.

I did make some cash using leveraged trading when Bitcoin rallied from $6,500 to $10,500 earlier this year(from January – February).

So seeing that Bitcoin is back to the $6,500 range, that is why I’m bringing this opportunity to your notice.

But that doesn’t mean margin trading is easy. I have been active in this space for quite a number of years(since 2016), and one thing I do daily is tell newcomers the reality in the Cryptocurrency Wonder Land.

You will not become a millionaire overnight 😂.

Infact(I’m sorry to say this), you will most likely loose all of your money if you’re new to the space, and you don’t have experienced personel guiding you.

It’s either you’re humble or the market humbles you.

Either way, register on PrimeXBT and let’s get started with the training on my free WhatsApp group.

See you there!

Bye 👋