This post may not be meant for you… but many will find in it what they are looking for!

This post will give you a brief overview of the events decoration business, how to start a new events decoration enterprise even with as low as ₦50,000! And how to fashion out new opportunities if you already have started one!

For starters, it is at this point that I have to say: if your venture into this business enterprise is basically just for the money, you may have to rethink! Detouring into a great business venture with the wrong mindset may prove fatal…

“Money has a perverse habit of evading those who chase it too hard, and of snuggling up to folks who are partially unmindful to it.”

-Bruce Barton, 1928

Now, as an entrepreneur it is not for you to have apathy for the money, but for you to have an obsession for your work which will guide you through the whole process of growth, remember money is just a by-product. Hence, you have to be certain of the motives of your wanting to be an event decorator, i.e. discover your motivation for this great business adventure! Putting in mind the words of the great business messiah, Bruce Barton in 1920:

“If you have anything really valuable to contribute to the world, it will come through the expression of your own personality – that single spark of divinity that sets you off and makes you different from every other living creature.”

You have to be sure that decorating of events is really your spark of divinity, ask yourself if you have a flair for executing ideas no matter how lofty they are; of transforming a rather empty space into the perfect fantasy!

Very important also is the contribution of your most trusted “personal persons”, you must be willing to ask a handful of your most trusted individuals of what they think of your new venture, while doing this, be weary of people who are naturally fearful of venturing into something new, and also of individuals who do not ever seem to see good in anything. On your journey throughout this business, you must keep in mind that constructive criticism is very important and in fact, starters should be weary of venturing into this business just on their own.

Who is an events-decorator? An events-decorator is an events make-up artist! Decorating an event is the total make-over of an event or venue into what I call the perfect fantasy or theme previously imagined. The total transformation of a venue into what only the mind’s eye previously conceived or is conceiving. The events decorator does the total make-over of the venue. His work can be extremely exhilarating and fun, but trust me; it is the end result of a thorough effort to creatively transform a rather drab venue into a “boomerang effect” which could be excruciating at times.

Decoration is concerned with the creation of the desired atmosphere or ambience for an occasion: be it formal or social, the invention of a breath-taking stage, the creation of a walk-way, the beauty of tables, settings and arrangements, color-combination, total aesthetics and beauty of the venue to create the desired effect for the occasion.

The first step of becoming an events-decorator is acquiring the necessary skills…no matter how much of a spark you have for this business adventure, you need to acquire the necessary skills (and if I will chip in my two cents, serving a well-established events decoration business pro bono (i.e. free of charge) would be thoughtfulness on your part.) discipline is also very important, possess a teachable spirit and strive to voluntarily take responsibilities. All these would be to your advantage at the end of the day, because you get to know more than the “average-let-us-just-put-in-the-neccesary-effort-kind-of-person”, you get to know some very important trade information, necessary connections and the best markets to purchase your products when you start your own business enterprise.

Now, how do you start your events-decoration business with as low as ₦50,000?

The eminent motivational teacher, Praise George, once said that it is the best to start from little and build on it, that in fact it usually is a curse to start big, but he who starts small and develops gradually will get there. The touch of excellence is very important and this can only be gained from years of experience in a simulation-type process (i.e. learning on the job). With as little as fifty thousand naira, you can start with the renting out of a number of materials, events decoration materials, such as spandex (chair-covers), tie-backs etc. Every now and then, your boss, other Events-outfits and private individuals may have to hire materials to decorate events and this is where you have to confidently come in. Other Events-outfits may also need your hand and may hire you to work for them, and this is how you get the necessary skills, connections and even capital to birth a great business enterprise with as little as a mustard seed.

Now, for those of us that are already in the business and want to grow it overtime, I would say: apart from the necessary strategies and advertisement, it really is an attitude thing, you have to wear confidence like your best outfit and be able to see and also create opportunities. We also need to keep abreast of current trends via the internet and other social media to stay relevant. Being creative on your own is a key talent you need, but never underestimate the creative power of other people as well. Your true teacher is not only your passion, creativity and skill, other people’s ideas mixed together with your own may just be the “mida’s touch”.

Your success is the function of the quality of your service and your personality. Giving your clients their money’s worth is the magic behind this. Trust me, you will get more clients from the referrals made by satisfied customers than by any other advertisement media, people tend to rely on recommendations made by family and friends when it comes to choosing event decorators…weddings are emotional events, who will not want to rely on recommendations made by their personal persons?…this is not to undermine the usefulness of other advertising media, this is just to show you how the referrals made by satisfied customers go a long way. Promoting yourself through magazines, seminars and word of mouth is also a cost-effective way of marketing yourself. For your clients to trust you, it is important that you strike a balance between being too professional and being down to earth with them. Both virtues are needed; striking a balance is the issue. You also have to present an image of creativity and intelligence. Your mannerism and dressing is also very important (Debola Lewis).

Your personality can prove a great asset or liability in your business, depending on what you chose. Not only must your personality be sold-out to your customers and clients, you must strive to influence a committed team. You will need a large amount of people working with you to achieve the common goal. In so many words, your team members must “love” and respect you. You will need a team willing to protect your work and give out their best, and how can this be achieved? You have to care about the general well-being of your team members. You never know how far giving tips and rewards to your team members can go… The Donald (Donald Trump) once noted that the best way to cite a loser is in his tightwadness. In short, you should be willing to give rewards to your team members, as you will find out or as you already know, the event decorating business is not an easy one!

Maintaining a good relationship with other Events-managing, planning and even decorating establishments is also a plus on your side. There may be possible referrals, collaboration etc… remember the sky is big enough to accommodate everyone… (Longe Jesudunmo)

Finally, developing a listening ear for your clients is also very important, so as to be able to understand the image they are trying to create for their events, their personality, the type of guests expected to attend the event and of course their budget. So there you go forth, be fruitful and multiply!


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