The greatest wish of every entrepreneur is to launch a business successfully, and see that business grow exponentially.

As a startup business, you can beat an already existing business in terms of growth, customer acquisition, reputation and profit making in the following ways.

1. Think Differently: To be a successful entrepreneur, you must be able to think differently. The ability to think outside the box and come up with many great ideas will make your business more profitable than your competition. Question the status quo, break boundaries and have a strong desire to be a market leader, not a follower.

2. Do a proper research of your competitors: Doing adequate research of the competition before launching will help you tailor your own business to the right fit. You would have learnt all that you can from the competition, their strengths and weaknesses, their mode of operation and their target market. So by launching your own, you’ll be able to tweak it to fit the market need, and also avoid the mistakes and weaknesses of the competition.

3. Avoid making bad decisions: You can avoid bad decisions based on the research you have done. Some other decisions such as spending all your profit or choosing the wrong staff will shut down the doors of a business no matter how successful they may be. Avoid these and you’re on your way to success.

4. Implement a Better Strategy: Nowadays, companies with inferior products often beat companies with superior products because the latter supposedly rest on their laurels, while the former get busy implementing great strategies such as good staff, good communication with customers, automation etc. Strategy is very important

5. Reach out: Your competitors have already educated the market and informed people about what they do. All you have to do is ride on that wave. Reach out to their “contacts” and explain to them why you’re different. They’ve already invented the wheel, all you have to do is to ride it.