Traditional banking system is designed in such a way that bank charge fees on customers’ bank transaction. Transaction charges vary most times from one bank to another and country to country. Similar to the bank transaction charges is “gas fee” the transaction charge miners take when making a cryptocurrency transaction.

Gas fee just like transaction charges has limited quite a number of people to make transactions on their cryptocurrency wallet making many to limit what they intend to send or distorting their savings. Although cryptocurrency “gas fee” is designed to be minimal compared to bank charges, having a no gas fee p2p payment is the best that could happen to the crypto space.

Banks running zero balance bank account helped so many unbanked individuals open bank account back in the days however the zero balance account still has transaction charge function. A plus for Hydro Pay, offering a zero balance for users and still cater for their gas fee.

What more can the crypto community ask for now that adoption is gradually increasing. Click here to learn more about the world’s first gasless, feeless crypto p2p App.

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