Introduction Online marketing

This a type of online business that deals with selling of information products inform of eBooks, video, audio materials and other educative course kits. To make stable income from this business, you need to ensure you are selling an hot selling product.

How do you know an hot selling product ? to know an hot selling product, the product must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • It must solve people’s problems
  • The title should be captivating enough
  • The title must make people, want to inquire more (that is ask more question about the product)
  • The product should be written in away a layman could understand.
  • The product should be easily marketed and delivered(for ebooks, it should not be more than 10mb)

Online marketing is divided into three major part, namely:

  1. Informational product
  2. Selling and marketing of the product
  3. Description of the product

Informational product: the informational product, is the product inform of an ebook , video and audio materials that you can either write the product or buy the product with the copyright from the owner or from a website. Although the later I s easier don’t make the mistake of downloading anybody’s product and start selling it, without a prior permission or copyright from the owner. Because that’s illegal, if you are caught you will be dealt with severely by the law, it’s called piracy(taking and using older people’s property without their permission/consent. If you don’t have enough money to purchase a product and copyright, its better its better former, it might look tedious but I will advice you to write your informational products, because indirectly you are improving your writing skill. You just have to ensure the product you are writing follows the listed criteria’s of a hotselling product.

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Selling and marketing your product: since this an online business most of the, selling and marketing will be done online. Selling stuffs online is based on trust, therefore you need to write a captivating product description, or better still, you can create a webpage /website. You write a detail and captivating description of your product, you will state the benefits to the customers and lastly paste testimonials that have been posted by key buyers. Payment and delivery method of product should also be added.
To start selling and marketing the product, you then need to advertise the product on the internet through various means, but I will prefer you use social media(Through facebook, twitter and the likes) or through blogs( Advertising with the above listed means, might be expensive but it is better than any other means, since you will start getting instant result, through website visitors and probably orders.
Always ensure that the website that you want to advertising your product with, has a lot of real traffic or visitors interested in the type of product you are advertising. Theirs is no point advertising an health product on a football website, you won’t get any orders, instead visit an health blog/website.
If you have any, questions or enquiries, don’t forget to use the comment box below, we will be so delighted to give you a worthy reply ASAP.