Introduction to mobile marketing biz

Mobile marketing is a form or platform of advertising that is based on mobile phones or telephone numbers to be precise. You simply send a text message to the phone number of your customers or to phone numbers of people in a particular area, informing them of your product or services/opportunity you will render. In return the people you messaged, will open the text message within 5 minutes of receiving the text message, and if they are interested in your opportunity/product/services, they will find a way of contacting you, then you provide the service/product and collect your money.

To make this mobile marketing coherent(that is clear and easy), I will divide it into 3 parts which you can after you are well equipped with a product/service/opportunity to render.

  • Customers
  • Writing text message
  • Sending the text message

Customers: after you have a worthwhile/valued product/service to render, the next step is to gather the phone numbers of your customers or the people you think will be interested in your product/service. If you have the numbers of your prospective buyers that’s fine, otherwise, start keeping records of your customers.

Writing text message: after you have the specific phone numbers that you want to send your advert to, you must ensure your message is captivating and precise, briefly describe the product and service you will be rendering, avoid sending lengthy message and grammatically defect message. The message most also contain the next action to take if interested in then product/service.

Sending text message: this is the last and the easiest stage, to send the message you will make use of a bulk sms site, example of BULK SMS website you can use are:

After you register on the bulk-sms website, you will need to buy enough credit for the message you want to send. One message to one number cost ₦1 so you will need ₦1 *500 to send to 500 people. After buying the credit, you then click on compose on the main account, then write your message, then you click send and within 3 minute all the message will be sent.

When the message is delivered and opened, the customers view the product/service and if they are interested they will contact you back, and you provide the service and collect your money.

PS: always take action, nothing happens unless you take action.

Love you readers,
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