Introduction to sport betting

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This business follows a direct proportion and its easier to establish. It’s also a lot easier to make money from , if you are fully devoted to learn more about sport, betting, taking calculated risk and most importantly discipline. If you can master this four golden nugget, I bet you, you will be generating cool cash. Don’t ever believe there is a 100% or sure bet game, only fools believe it, in betting nothing is certain. It’s all about risk (that’s where the money comes from). Instead of believing there is a 100% sure game why not learn how to master risk.

Despite the planning/training very hard, even the coaches are not 100% certain they will win a match, what they just do is to remain optimistic till the outcome of the match comes out. Even the players playing the match can say a match is a perfect win before the match is played. The same goes to the way you bet, if the coaches and player wont say this a perfect win, until after the match(despite having the capability) then why will you, that only depend on what you see on TV put all your money on a sure bet(when there is none). Do you get the point, “there is no sure game” betting is based on risk.
The only advice I will give you on betting, is to master your own risk. I know you will be thinking how do I master my risk. To do these you have to be knowledgeable about the game, that is, knowing much about the game, this include: finding more information, sourcing for opinion and taught of coaches. Don’t just depend on your knowledge alone or that of your friends, who only depend on what they see on TV, in other words you need to learn more to be a good bettor. Just tell me how you will feel, if you have the knowledge of the coach, if you think like the coaches, its without doubt that you will find football betting interesting. Learning helps you to take calculated risk, which is a way of mastering risk.

Lastly to a good punter or sport bettor, you need to know the different between gamble and risk. When you bet you risk and when you gamble is another thing entirely. The major different between risk and gamble is that. When you risk, it’s not emotional(with emotion), its calculated and it will only have a short-term negative effect on you.while incase of gambling on the other, its emotional, it’s never calculated or thoroughly taught about and it has a long-term negative effect on you. For example you are taking a risk if you know a little about what you are betting on, and it’s not emotional, its calculated and you are betting with what you can afford to lose and finally all these will affect you for a short-term(period) if you lose the bet. That is you will quickly recover. On the other hand you are gambling, if you don’t have any information about what you are betting on, its emotional in the sense that this my team is 100% sure they will win a dfinally if you are betting with money you cannot afford to lose eg school fees, all this will have a long-term negative effect on you if you lose. It will take long before you recover. Just seeing any match and betting on it will all your money, is gambling and the outcome is usually a loss.

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moreover, there are some websites that gives daily prediction(punts) on football matches, based on their analysis. some are reliable while some are not.

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PS: (i) Don’t bet with what you can’t afford to lose
(ii) Be disciplined, know when to stop betting for the day
(iii) There’s no 100% sure game
PPS: Be ready to loose money because there is no rich man who has never lost money.