Happy Weekend FAM 🥳

My WhatsApp Business Account recently got banned for no reason other than my tenacious promotion of Bitcoin and trusted Bitcoin platforms that can liberate Nigerians financially.

As a matter of fact, I don’t promote Ponzi and I don’t partake in forwarding unwanted messages or messaging people without permission. Hence, I’m left with the opinion that the banning of my account is part of the Government purported actions to fight Bitcoin and some other genuine Cryptocurrencies by silencing prominent cryptocurrency advocate..

You see:

  • A lot of content are being censored online,
  • Bitcoin price is being manipulated,
  • The CIA is monitoring messages and communication across so many centralised platforms,
  • Distraction like (Chain link and Defi tokens) are been used to highjack people’s interest in Bitcoin and other genuine Cryptocurrency,
  • Law suit are being filed on prominent Bitcoin advocate, and;
  • Blockchain are being forked to split the community and reduce the power of the various network.

All this attack are planned and done to slowdown the adoption of Bitcoin and other genuine Cryptocurrencies, and if possible wane their usage totally.

Although it’s sad, I know we shall all succeed in creating an open financial system for the world. We strongly need it in Africa.

PS: With all the manipulation, there are still opportunities to make money. I will suggest you trade less if you’re using leverage.

PPS: If you have an unfinished business with me, pls exercise patience while I recover my account. Better still, you can call me or message my other WhatsApp.

Thank you all for your continued support 🙂

Feel free to share your opinion as regards this, even if you disagree with me that the CIA is censoring content online and silencing prominent Bitcoin advocate.