Binance is celebrating the 1 year anniversary of the launch of it’s futures trading platform with a trading competition. Participants in the tournament can trade as a group and win from a reward pool of $100,000.

Click here to create a Binance account incase you don’t have one, tand then join the 9jaCashFlow Team here to participate in the trading competition.


All you need is to fund your margin trading account with as little as $10, however, we advice you fund it with an amount greater than that. Let’s say $50 so you can make reasonable number of trades.

You will also get trade tips and signals from 9jacashflow during the course of the tournament. And we’re trading with a maximum leverage of 10x.

Feel free to join the competition and read more about it here 👉:

Here is a link to one of my tutorial video on futures trading:

Have any question, kindly put it down in the comments below.