Join Coinmarketcap Bitcoin prediction: $10,000 in BTC to Be Won!

Join Coinmarketcap Bitcoin prediction: $10,000 in BTC to Be Won!

Are you very good at making predictions or skilled in fortune telling? If yes, then this campaign is for you.

The Coinmarketcap Bitcoin prediction campaign is an opportunity for you to earn from a pool of $10,000 worth of Bitcoin. You simply need to predict when the price of Bitcoin is going to hit $20,000.

Personally, predictions is very hard and I will suggest we just join this competition for the fun of it.

Quotes from Nobel prize winner 🏆 Neils Bohr

I have enrolled and chosen 3 dates which the price of Bitcoin might cross $20,000. Hopefully, I will be among the winners. See my prediction below👇.

My 3 dates and time.

If you would like to participate, feel free to visit the Coinmarketcap Bitcoin prediction page here.


  • A Coinmarketcap account
  • A Binance account user ID
  • 3 date and time that you expect the Bitcoin price to hit $20,000.

Got all this, then head over to the BTC price prediction page on CMC.

Best of luck 🙂👍

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