Opportunities come to those who wait but most times it’s often what is left by those who hustle. You see, are you that person that has been waiting for the perfect timing and idea? Let me tell you today that there is nothing like perfect timing and idea, you can only perfect your idea over time through mistakes and learning from your mistakes.

So what is holding you back?

Most people will say MONEY, but I don’t agree! what is holding us back is taking massive action and building the right connections.

Take one massive step towards it this week and get the ball rolling…

  • Make a phone call
  • Do a Google search
  • Sketch a game plan
  • Pay off a debt
  • Make an investment
  • Clean your room
  • Find a mentor
  • Write your first paragraph
  • Ask someone out
  • End a relationship!
  • Buy a domain name
  • Put down the bottle
  • Book a flight
  • Call your mother

Just do something this week…

Maybe the timing won’t line up, maybe it will? But you won’t know for certain until you START.

Make one bold move this week and see where it takes you.

We’re all trying to figure things out, so never compromise the learning period. Having to take massive action and learn from it is vital to your growth.

I will leave this with all 9jaCashFlow Fans out there, keep learning and never settle! 

And for the meantime, anticipate my next article titled “Why you should buy Bitcoin in 2020.”