What happens when Mr President is not technically competent in functional areas.
… Then he has to work with a strong team of competent professionals.
What if the team leaders of the strong teams are also not technically competent? e.g. in cases whereby the ICT minister is a lawyer.
… Then the team members needs to be at least 85% competent.
What happens when the team members don’t have the technical knowledge to produce outstanding results?
… Then the youths who have this technical knowledge needs to support the team.
How can the youth support the team?
… By valuing what our fellow youths are doing.
What happens when we youths don’t even value what other youths are doing?
…Then we find it very difficult to move forward, despite all the talents and resources God have blessed us with.

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My point is simple, no matter the idea you have, you got to better yourself.
You can’t just think that your idea is the best in the world. You got to value and accommodate other people’s ideas as well.

The reverse is the case in Nigeria. A country where we youth don’t value what other youths are doing, except if it’s something closely related to our own ideas.

We constantly push ourselves downwards. And coming to look at it, if we don’t believe in ourselves, how do we want the elderly men in government to believe in us; How do we want the old to think we’re capable.

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No wonder we have few youths in politics. Even the few youths that are in government face a lot of problems been caused by their fellow youths, simply because they don’t value what they’re doing.


I use to own 3 other websites namely:,, They are all geared towards local business solutions in Nigeria. 

To be precise, one of My friend resulted to calling me different names like; 9jaPonzi, 9jaThis, 9jaThat, 9jaGboGBoeh  etc. simply because he doesn’t believe in my dream/business.

In away, his actions don’t really bother me as have trained myself to be a stoic. I had also learn how to handle rejection, which i believe is one of the best lesson every entrepreneur can learn.

Nevertheless, I don’t really blame my friend due to his insight, background and negligence towards the internet. But have kind of noticed that if it was to be an elderly man that’s going the extra mile to create those resources i created, so as to help Nigerian business men, my friend was never going to call him those names.

In conclusion, I strongly believe Nigeria will only move forward when we youth start to value and accommodate each others ideas. We need to find a place for other people’s ideas, whether it’s from the view-point of; technology, Agriculture, Religion, Education etc.

Have seen a lot of tech guys who always downsize any idea coming outside tech; THAT’S WRONG. Have also seen a lot of religious/leadership guys that have also been downsizing any idea coming aside religion/leadership; THAT’S ALSO VERY WRONG.

It’s high time we started realizing that the main goal is not one idea being better than the other, but inculcating all this ideas to create a better nation … Kehinde LAWAL

Only the youth can do this and we won’t, if we don’t collectively value ourselves and our ideas.

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God bless!

From my humble self, Kehinde LAWAL (Founder 9jaCashFlow)

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