Something shocking happened yesterday with my cryptocurrency portfolio.

I use to hold a particular coin called BCHA, and luckily for me, it rose by more than 40%(got to $25) bringing it to a price point that is 50% of its previous peak($49).

I had to sell it and buy one of my favorite coins BCH($485) that has lost almost 70% of its value($1600 at peak).

Why? Because I’m in a team working on BCH adoption and I know if we succeed, we got a lot to benefit from if I hold it long-term.

Also, I can start sourcing money to buy BCHA back at the current cheap price.

What do you think guys?

Hope you to will buy more BCH and BCHA. And BTC as well, just that both crypto I mentioned earlier might outperform Bitcoin in the long run because they’re cheap.

If BTC gets to $150,000 that’s like 5x but if BCH gets to $5000 that’s 10x and if BCHA gets to $300 that’s about 15x

When I shared this tip in my private cryptocurrency trading group, a student of mine asked if I was setting a stop loss but I said no because it’s all a long-term hold.

Anyways, I got a 20% profit today and I’m still HODLing my cryptocurrencies.