As a Nigerian, you must be aware of the limitations on credit cards and the numerous restriction of international transactions in Nigeria but there is good news. In the course of my intense research, I came upon a solution and it is Barter Virtual cards.


Barter Card is dollar denominated virtual card that you can use to pay for anything, anywhere on the internet where there is a MasterCard logo displayed and with no spending limits.

Barter is an American virtual card company, which partnered with African Payment Company, Flutterwave, to allow users in Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana spend online in dollars, while funding their card using local currency.

  • With the Barter Card, you can pay for your online adverts, renew your iTunes, iCloud, or Netflix subscription easily right here from Nigeria and also purchase apps on Google Play Store.


  • With the Barter Card, you can shop online anyway you want, pay any kind of bills, etc.


  • You won’t have to bother yourself searching for the Abokis to convert your naira to dollars all because you want to fund your dollar card. In fact, you don’t even need to stress yourself going to the bank to get a dollar card.



  • Barter supports all banks and financial institutions in the US, Kenya, Nigeria & Ghana and also transfer of funds is immediate.


  • You can easily fund a Barter card using your local cards or by direct bank transfer.



  • The Barter card is customized with your name, billing address and postal addresses.


  • You can delete the virtual card anytime you want and withdraw your money.



Just simply visit the website here, create an account and then also a virtual card. After that, go ahead and fund your new virtual card using your local currency from your bank account or direct deposit.

After that, just start whatever transactions you want anywhere on the internet. No fuss!

If you need a GetBarter virtual card created for you, please Contact Us Here