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I lalkay96 (LAWAL KEHINDE DAMILARE) CEO will never post any lazy methods or ideas of making money in Nigeria, so remove your mindset of wanting to get any back door method of making money on this sleek money making website. A very cogent reason why you should start this business is because, eBook marketing is one of the surest ways of making regular income online in Nigeria.

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Logically, the First step in writing a market selling eBook, is being an expert in whichever topic/field you are planning on writing an eBook about. I know you’re pondering whether you’re an expert or not, but what expert means basically, is a person who knows what others don’t know. So being an expert in a field means knowing what others don’t know about that field, and you can be an expert by simply reading more and sourcing more information on a particular topic.

make money as a writer

When you’re sure, you now know what others don’t know about a particular topic/field of interest, the next step is to start writing. To start writing, you will need to close all books, get a sheet and pen, and start writing off hand (from your head), the reason is just to make your eBook creative and unique. Never make the mistake of writing verbatim from any text book or dictionary. If you need any point from a material, always ensure you make proper referencing of the information source. When you are writing don’t make the mistake of rushing and finishing your write-up in a day, instead broaden your mind, think deep and take breaks during writing. Most times, you always feel more relieved, when you’re back from breaks, and you always have newer points to write. You also need to note the audience you writing the eBook for, i.e the people that will buy the eBook, If you are not writing eBooks for professors, then there is no pointa blowing too much grammar or being magniloquent. Use easily understandable words to explain your points and always explain a point fully, before moving to other points. Also ensure you write in a way a 7 year old boy will understand and avoid spelling/grammatical errors, better still pay an editor, to edit your eBook.

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5 Steps To write an Hot Selling Informational product/eBooks and make money in Nigeria

  1. Make sure your title is captivating and educative enough: If you writing an eBook, the title matters alot, ensures its very captivating and descriptive, you can achieve this by making your title
  • Answer a question eg “How i made $100 dollars in 3 days
  • Ask a question eg “Do you need a regular money making idea
  • Reveal a secret eg “Secret of making more money on google revealed
  1. It must solves peoples problem: Your product/eBook must solves peoples problem, you can’t write what you want. For people to need it and pay for it, it must solve their respective problems.
  2. The eBook should be easily understood by a lay man: A 7 year old boy should be able to understand your write-up. Don’t just jumble stories up, we are in Nigeria for God sake, fuck grammar and give us result.
  3. The product should be easily marketed and delivered: If it’s an eBook, each should be lesser than 10mb and if it’s a video material, it should be less than 50mb. Audio should be 20mb maximum.
  4. Pricing and payment method: Too a large extent, your selling price should be very reasonable and your payment method could either be bank transfer or online debit card payment. It should also include a 2 weeks money back guarantee without questioning, if what you sold is not what you promised.

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Now, you  have another solid information that would enable you make money fast online, thereby making you make money in Nigeria.


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