Make Regular Income Online Doing Aliexpress Affiliate Program

I’m sure, this should not be your first time of coming across the word affiliates, 85% of the people reading this post would have heard about it, while only 10% of the people reading this post will be operating and making cool cash from any form of affiliates. But not withstanding I will explain what an affiliate is.

An affiliate is a form of business whereby you partner with reputable business/organisation and you promote their product or services, for a percentage of the total fee (commission). That is if you promote a product with 9% commission, you would get 9% of the cost price, whenever a customer makes a purchase using your affiliate links.

Aliexpress affiliate program is just like other affiliate programs, but the distinction with them is that, they are a very reputable online store in the world, with a very large product and customer base, so whats left for you is to promote products to your friends and ensure, you use tricks that will make them buy. You don’t have to start convincing people or telling story about aliexpress, cause people already know aliexpress 100% is safe for shopping.

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Making Money on Aliexpress affiliate program

This involves 4 good phases/stages, which if you can put to practice, you will indubitably start making yourself some cool cash.


  1. First and foremost you need to have an aliexpress account, because it’s a lot easier to start the affiliate program if you have an aliexpress account already.

  2. Next visit the aliexpress affiliate link

  3. If you already have an aliexpress account, click on sign in at top right corner, if you dont have an aliexpress account and you are intrested in only the affiliate program, you can go ahead and click register instead of sign in.

  4. After signing in, the first page you see is the affiliate account dashboard, and you will do yourself a good favour by, scrolling up and down and ensuring you’re conversant with the page.

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Getting Aliexpress PProduct Affiliate links (Phase2)

  1. To get the product affiliate links, you need to click on Ad center at top right corner, then you will see a full list of product which you can get the affiliate code.

  2. Depending on product relating to your blog/website/social media/interest you can choose any product and click on the “get code” button.

  3. After clicking on get id button, you will choose the size you want the banner to be and copy the affiliate code.

Promoting the product affiliate links (Phase3)

How you promote the affiliate links determines how much income you make from this robust affiliate program. Since aliexpress is already a notable online shopping store, whats left for you is to promote the product affiliate links to interested buyers, this includes your social media contacts, family and close friends. You either send the product affiliate links to them, or help them in ordering a particular affiliate product and simply get your own commission. Must aliexpress product have 5% commission, so you get 5% of what is purchased. Further info to help you in promoting the links, includes:

  1. Posting the product affiliate links on facebook and facebook pages.

  2. Posting the product links on twitter.

  3. Helping friends and relatives purchase true your affiliate links.

  4. Posting affiliates links as banner ads on your blog or related websites.

  5. Writing a sponsored post on related website and including the product links.

  6. Advertising the links online, this will work so far the person purchase the product, 30 days after clicking on the product affiliate links.

    Withdrawing your cash (Phase4)

Withdrawing your cash on aliexpress is very easing in the sense that, you can get the money directly to your local bank account. To set your payment details,

  1. Click on Payment centre at top left part of the website.

  2. Then click on payment informational.

  3. Then you add the bank account information.

  4. You can withdraw from your account on or before the 20th of every month. The balance must exceed US $16. There will be an US $15 processing fee per withdrawal.

I hope have not wasted any of your time, while reading this post. I have tried my best to make the post as simple as possible, but to further improve this website and the quality of content on this website, we need your feedback as comments

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