Based on my  experience with the defunct MMM Nigeria, I will start by letting you know that MMM is not an investment or people helping people scheme. MMM is a gamble, and the first rule in gambling is that you should know you’re gambling.

The new platform: MMMGlobal


Started May 25th 2018

*One person one account*

Minimum PH – 0.01 Btc
Maximum PH – 1 Btc

Frozen – 14 days

50% per Month

Mavro will grow after confirmation of PH/GH

Auto Referral, Guider and Expected Guider Bonus get released immediately

No Registration Bonus :x::x::x:

Referral Bonus is 10% :heavy_check_mark:

Guider bonuses – 5%, 3% 1%, 0.05% 0.25% 0.1% 0.03% 0.01%

Also there is strict minimum and maximum ph of 0.01btc and 1btc!!!

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Does it worth the risk? Yes and No

Knowing fully well that platforms like MMM will eventually collapse, it’s better not to venture into it at all. But if you’re the risk-taking type, two factors should influence whether you take the gamble or not:

  1. The date was launched and;
  2. The amount of capital you’re using.

Smart investors will tell you, “Don’t be the first and don’t be the last.” If the platform was launched in less than 4 month, you may risk your little cash and exit after 1 or 2 months. Also, since you know you’re gambling, never use your salary, investment funds or hard earn cash for MMM.

I don’t detest gambling because sometimes it’s a good way to catch fun. But you must understand that MMM is like keeping millions outside in your garden and coming back after a week to pick it up. There’s probability you will never see the money again because others might have taken it.

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In conclusion, be smart! MMM is not an investment so only use stipends you can afford to loose. It’s a gamble, and if at all you’re gambling, do it just for the fun and experience.

I can afford to risk an $100 in the system and get out of the system before everyone else. If you want to also do it for the fun and try the platform out with a stipend:

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